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My experience with Dr. Q

  1. chula
    I first looked into surgery through a very close friend of mine. I looked over several surgeons and well after many searches something brought me to Dr. Q. It was the search of my good friend Jackie whom actually had the surgery on the same day as I. I contacted the wonderful Bill Yanez that is first! He was so damn nice not pushy a great talker will explain almost the whole procedure in one conversation which will have you convinced that going with Dr. Q is the best option. Well I am here to say it WAS!!!! God works in in successful ways! I think I scheduled my surgery to far in advance I had so much time to read, regret, almost back out, but making a call to Bill and Stacy his wife every time I freaked out made me realize that what I was about to do was the best decision I could make for myself. They over and over explained to me that even though it was up to me to cancel they know for sure that I will be successful. That is all I needed to hear what? 100 times before surgery. LOL I think I drove them totally nuts. I did feel that I was the ONLY patient they had for real it was ONE on ONE every conversation. During pre op weeks I went crazy called talked to Stacey she would talk me through but I have to admit I agree with her I am so darn stubborn I laugh now cuz I have to agree with her dang nab it. Bill promises me that he is going to be calling me all the time while in T.J. sorta a get back for being such a pain in the tush lol no not really he wanted to assure me that he was with me 100% of the way. AND he was.
    I get to Santa Fe, I was welcomed with the most welcoming smile by Nurse Silvia but yet I was still so nervous. She noted that and gave me time to relax, meanwhile in walks Dr. Quinones omg something become over me as he started talking and explaining the procedure and then he pops the question..do you want to be first? I was like my heart almost stopped and thought OK this is it. I am the biggest baby that ever walked and can't stand IV's I am more scared of an IV than the whole surgery. The anestheologist came and talked to me and he was so nice and smooth because he had my darn IV in my hand before I knew it. OMG I am in shock at this point. But so happy and relaxed too. Well surgery takes place I come out and feel ok. Dr Q proceeds to his other 2 surgeries for the day. HE comes and checks on all his patients after all are back into their room. I had a lapband revision so even though he prolly can do this blindfolded everyone is different and I had a small complication. He came to see me and I had a hematoma that was growing by the minute he told my companion that I had to go back to the OR so it can be drained but instead of it being drained it had to be repaired. He did this not second guessing ANYTHING, not the work that would be involved, the cost, nothing he just said it needs to be repaired and that is what he was going to do, and he did. He could have simply left me to come home and come to surgery in a hospital in the states cuz after all the complication was due to a prior surgery here in the states not his right? Do you really think a surgeon here would have done that heck no! They would feel it wasn't their issue and basically say deuces and left for the day. I am so grateful for that MAN!!!! My next couple days in the Santa Fe Center was excellent you never had to ask for meds they know what you need when you need it and if you feel you need something else they are so there for you I just cannot stress enough the excellent care I received!!!!! Time for discharge to go home...Dr. Q comes in makes his rounds...time for the drain tube to come out I had to watch my friends come out and I was not thrilled she squealed hahahahaha and I was like OMG I cannot do this. Why were we in the same room you were thinking well we were close friends LOL Anyway my time came and I swear this doctor has magic hands I didn't feel a thing pain wise anything it was an awesome experience.
    We go to the Hotel that they provide...it was a very nice hotel. I was very comfortable. I got there laid down for a bit and well I saw that I was bleeding called Bill, cuz after all I am not a doctor and I could not understand why I was bleeding well I called Bill, he sends Adrian right over like minutes NO JOKE, I feel like a fool for real it was draining from the hematoma completely NORMAL I feel like such a fool now freakin out like I did but they were the calm ones thank GOD lol I was very impressed at the concern and service. I was being such a stickler didn't' want to take a liquid antibiotic they brought me some in pill form. Gosh I cannot stress enough how bad I feel being so darn stubborn but you know they never looked angry or frustrated at me. We leave T.J. to go to a hotel in San Diego because our flight was very early yet another great driver shows up to pick us up to take us across and we so wanted to get some kind of souvenir to bring back he took us to an area/store and purchased a few things to bring back. That was so damn nice of him!!! Our flight back home was horrible omg got stuck in Denver but got a flight out closer to home and friends came 2 hours to get us. HOME AT LAST. It didn't stop there though, Dr. Q wanted to know how I was doing and how my incision was he asked for me to take pictures and I did sent them to him he said they look great. I was so happy. I went to see my PCP today to get some much needed stronger meds for the reflux and I was so happy to have told him I had surgery in mexico and as he looked at my drain area he said the same thing as Dr. Q it has to drain and it might take a few days but eventually it will stop. He kinda looked at my stitched incision closer and asked so did this same surgeon do this and I was like yea, his eyebrows were raised and said he did a really "nice" job on those stitches and I smiled and said yea he did huh? If you are looking into doing this surgery I hope as I said in my video that you find your way to Santa Fe, with Dr. Q because in all honesty he is the BEST, most compassionate doctor I have EVER come across. The price is lower than most because in my opinion Dr. Q does this because he is the caring person he is and not so much for the money he actually enjoys what he does your not just another patient in his eyes your truly not I promise. Well there you have it my experience in T.J. Mexico I would do it over and over again with this surgeon and I hope everyone has the experience I had and have a great journey!!!!!
  2. lisalee
    @chula Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm praying you have a speedy recovery....Can't wait to meet Dr.Q!
  3. Ty_Edwards
    So excited...my surgery is Wednesday with Dr Q and I am so nervous but reading your post has made me feel better!
  4. Stacy'sSleevedLife
  5. SweetDejavu
    Awesome post! Thx love!!
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