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Hi everyone! Turning 40 this yr, and getting sleeved on 2/26

  1. savagegrace
    OOOkay. How y'all doin? Today is the 1st day of my 10 day pre-op diet, and only 3 hours into it, I can say it sux! I'm stocked up on slim fast, and it doesn't do a thing for the hunger. I made a pig of myself for the last couple months, knowing I would never be able to eat like a normal person again, so I can't feel sorry for myself, lol.. I've heard people cheat on these pre-op diets, and will eat right up until a few days before the surgery. What is the worst that can happen if you do this? I am not planning on cheating, but if I do succumb to my weakness, I wanna know what's the worst case scenario...
  2. MVanek69
    Worse case you die. The diet is for your health and benefit of a good surgery to make the area smaller liver smaller and safer for you. DO NOT Cheat. This is a time to show yourself you want to be thin. We all had it hard I ate the shit out of some sugar free pops. In a few days after 3 you will not feel the drive as much for food. Stay strong Im glad I did it made everything so easy after surgery.
  3. savagegrace
    Thanks! Sugar free pudding pops sound good right now, and some jello. Yuuumm.. I am gonna tough t out. It helps to be on this forum
  4. ProHeadhunter
    First of all slim fast has tooooooooo many carbs thats why you're hungry, partly. Also if you've been hogging (my word) for months you have to withdraw from that and it is hard. You need to get some actual protein powder with low carbs, there are a lot of options. I chose isopure vanilla and chocolate. Second, wean yourself off the "need" to eat. Its in your head. Of course we need food to live but youve not been eating to sustain life, its more than that.

    Like the other responder said, the pre-op diet is too prepare your liver for surgery. You need to reduce its size so the surgeon has enough room without a giant fat liver getting in the way. Also, its to help behavior modification. You dont want to battle head hunger and sugar withdrawals after your surgery...its hard.

    Last thing, you will eat normal food eventually just a lot less. Dont worry.
  5. savagegrace
    That is such great advice, ty! I will pick up protein powder 2moro and ditch the slim fast
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