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Coffee Drinks

  1. jolieslp
    I really struggle with vanilla drinks, but I am starting the low-carb phase of my pre-op diet, and I have been trying to find something I like. Well, I have found someting.

    First - Freeze some coffee into ice cubes. We generally have about a cup left each morning, and I put some in the freezer in an ice tray.

    1 Premier protein drink (Vanilla)
    2-3 coffee ice cubes
    about 2 oz of Dark Chocolate Almond milk

    Blend with the blender.

    Even my 11 year old loves it.

    FYI - Please share any quick and easy recipes, as I work and have 2 kids in addition to all of the dieting/exercising.
  2. Cindy OK
    Cindy OK
    Try plain Greek yogurt then add dry ranch dressing or dry French onion soup mix ( use just like sour cream). My kids LOVE this and don't know it's Greek yogurt!!
  3. skip0410
    My favorite is:

    Cup of decaf
    1 scoop of vanilla protein mix
    2 tbs of nonfat evaporated milk
    1/4 tsp nectressa

    As you can see I like my coffee creamy and sweet but this has over 20 gm protein and less than 5 gm sugars
  4. skip0410
    I also like to add PB2 to Greek yogurt. Makes an awesome dip also.
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