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Any psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, or counselors out there???

  1. phd
    Are there any mental health professionals out there? I'd love to connect with you for mutual support, ideas, inspiration, and humor!
  2. April_2014
    Hello....I am a licensed social worker and work as a counselor at a university campus. Scheduled to be sleeved on 3/10/2014. How about you?
  3. jerseysegal
    I am a psychologist, about 28 years post doc, currently work doing evaluative work in custody settings and with law enforcement officers
  4. MsRhoyalty22
    LISW here. So glad to connect with colleagues.
  5. skoggy
    I am a psychiatric social worker and I have a Masters in Social Work. I was sleeved in TJ Mexico on Feb 10/14 and am heading home tomorrow.
  6. niamh
    Hi, I'm a clinical psychologist trained in Australia and working in the UK in the National Health Service. I was sleeved in September 2012 and have been at goal weight for a while now. Have found the psychological journey leading up to and since the sleeve fascinating - both observing my own and others here on the forum. Glad to meet you all!
  7. Karani
    Hi I am a Diversional (Recreational) therapist (Applied Science Degree & ex nurse) from Australia ... I assess people's lifestyles and help them achieve some sort of quality of life despite, physical, emotional, psychological barriers & disabilities using therapeutic recreation as a tool ... It will be interesting to see how I cope with all my challenges as I go through the process post sleeve .. I usually gave a good sense of humor so hope that this will hold me in good stead ... I have researched & gained a lot of info & am going into this with eyes wide open but know that the reality may be quite a shock for me on many levels. Would be wonderful if I could be sleeved in March as I just want the process to start but more likely to be in April. Would love to join this group.
  8. lbweatherby
    I am a clinical psychologist and registered nurse. I live in Minnesota and work for an insurance company.
  9. LadyKel
    Formerly licensed mental health professional I just have to.gain licensure in Fl. I worked in this profession for 13 years Wow, I have gotten old. Lol
  10. Bethanymarie30
    I am a student Intern Masters of Clinical Counseling. I am getting sleeved 2/24/14.
  11. rycurll

    I am currently working as a counselor in a methadone clinic. I've worked here for a year, and plan to stay until after my surgery in Aug/Sept to keep my FMLA. I have previously worked in outpatient MH therapy, mobile therapy/behavior specialist consultant with children, and in forensic case management. I have 1 MONTH left of my MSW program and will be taking the license test this summer.

    I'm not sure what I want to do after I'm licensed. The social work field is so broad, but I am really limited by my rural area. We'll see. Right now I'm preoccupied with my upcoming surgery and I'll deal with my career later
  12. Skinnyme0812
    Hi everyone! I am a psychotherapist in an inpatient acute behavioral health setting. Now I need to take care of myself which is why I am hoping to get the sleeve! (still waiting for insurance approval.......)
  13. Nancymac
    Hi, I am an LMHC, supervising a unit working in child protection. Stressful and rewarding. Very excited that I am taking this positive step for ME.
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