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sleeve costs

  1. Tatiana
    I am interested in knowing how much people are paying for their surgery if you are happy to share. I am hoping to get a sleeve in Christchurch through the Christchurch Weightloss Surgery Centre. The price is $1200 for the pre-surgery and $23,460 for the surgery and follow up package, all NZ dollars. I dont have medical insurance and I am very lucky that my mum is happy to lend me the money. It makes me very anxious when I hear what the prices are in Mexico and even the USA when converted to NZ dollars, which are significantly lower. Do you think that the price I will be paying is reasonable and do you know if there are other places in aussie and nz where it is more affordable?
  2. pattersonviv
    Hi There, I'm in Christchurch and up for the same costs. I've only got as far as the seminar with one of the surgeons, have you been through any of the testing yet? I've thought about the Mexico option but discounted it as it is so far away and with the ticket, accommodation etc it could add up really quickly.

    Good luck with your journey.
  3. arohaina
    hi there. I'm having surgery next month in ChCh - we have a little bit of health insurance help and EQC payments are going towards the rest! It is pricey but comes with full before and after surgery support that it doesn't appear others get without paying separately. I also think the surgeons are very reputable at the weightloss centre and would far rather be at home in comfort with people I know than half way around the world!!
    i have come to look at it a bit like this "I just can't put a price on real health...a change of life for me and my family". I also know I could pay that much in diet products and health complications if I don't spend for surgery. I'd rather pay in dollars than with my life when things are too late.

    All the best to you both as you contemplate this journey! keep in touch! kia kaha :-)
  4. Skibabe
    Hi, I'm up in Hamilton and it's going to cost me $22,000 for the sleeve, so about the same. That includes a year of post-op meetings to help me stay on track with diet, exercise and anything else. I agree with arohaina, we seem to get a lot of support which a lot of Americans don't seem to get. I don't have insurance either so have to pay the full whack. I never thought about going abroad as I have small kids and need to be back home as soon as possible. Luck of the draw I guess!
  5. Tatiana
    Thanks everyone.
    Just had my psych appointment this afternoon. Turns out Im not certifiable which is a relief. Tomorrow is the dietition and clinical coordinator. After that I just need the exercise consultant and 2nd surgeon consultation and book the surgery in. Things are moving fast. I am glad to hear the prices are fairly similar and it is comforting to know if things went bad that there is good old ACC.
  6. reba_nz
    Mine was 24450 everything incl.
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