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2 questions ..comments .. Hair loss and bad breath..

  1. Aquajog
    I can understand the reason for the hair loss . I have bought a few more hats and hair nets for when I am cooking .. Any suggestions on ways to avoid or lessen this .
    Have seen comments of bad breath . This is a concern . Wondering way and things that may help prevent or lesson this .
  2. shemarie
    My hair stylist said biotin and folic acid will help, but they are just vitamins, so if it is going to fall out, there is really nothing that you can do about it.

    As far as the breath goes, my mouth was super sweet right after surgery, as I went directly into Ketosis. Once my body adjusted, it went away on its own.
  3. lisalee
    1-2 drops of Peppermint essential oil with a cup of warm water. This is a solution you can use to gargle with throughout the day if that becomes a problem. If the toxins coming out of your skin creates a body odor, then you can use Dr. Bronner's Organic Pure Castile Liquid Peppermint Soap. I've tried it and it leaves your body with a fresh minty smell. They sell it in CVS, Target and Walmart.
  4. MinxCJS
    My hair stylist told me to get an aloe plant and break it and put it on my scalp once a day.
  5. 2014Sue
    Iron, zinc and biotin all help prevent hair loss, though since I hit the age of 50, my hair seems to be falling out more than it did before (probably due to menopause). I have not yet had my surgery, but will in July of this year.
  6. shayla
    hi there, my Dr. has me on Biosil it is a silica biotin mix for hair loss, had me start it 1 month before surgery, and he also recommended I take Collagen protein powder to help in healing and skin sagging. I must tell you I am getting compliments on my skin and no hair loss yet knock on wood,I am only 18 days post op
  7. kmvalade
    I've taken biotin for a couple years and it does help. I'd start now. they say hair doesn't start falling out until like 6 months or so
  8. TxShawty
    @Shayla - what kind of protein Collagen did you use and what did you mix it with?
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