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  1. chula
    I will be sleeved on Feb 17th and I am not gonna lie I am nervous as HECK! I just want these next 3 weeks to go by and be on the loser bench with all you fine people!! But I am still scared and what makes me feel better is I feel ok to BUG THE HECK OUTTA BILL my coordinator lol he is always nice to me even though I know he is in his mind shaking his head and wishing my surgery would hurry up and over with LOL!! Love the one on one that Stacy gives as well. I was having a down day and within minutes after messanging her she CALLED me bypassed the message back she CALLED omy I feel foolish and will laugh later at all of this but it makes me feel better to converse..I guess. thanks for reading!
  2. ajens
    Sounds like I wrote this myself. I'm not on the schedule until March but nerves are definately there. I too bug Bill and he has to deal with me longer than you. I think he is ok with your phone calls.
    Good luck on your journey please keep me posted!
  3. Stacy'sSleevedLife
    chula and ajens Bill and I are here for all of Dr. Quinones patients. We love sharing your journey with you!!!
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