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Over 60 Newcomer

  1. Uzomah

    Ain't it nifty we are over 60!! I am looking forward to reading your posts. I was apprehensive to having weight loss surgery, now the Sleeve is available to me and I am super excited. Could have made life a whole lot easier and could have, Aw shucks, I am not going to shoulda woulda, coulda about not having surgery before 60. I am so happy to be waiting to have the surgery NOW!! After all, it is now done laproscopically!!! Yea!!

    My pre-op weigh-in is February 13th with surgeon. Surgery scheduled for February 26th. I am on four shakes a day and one low-carb meal for supper. Nothing but water and Crystal Light after 7:30pm. Vanilla is my favorite flavor. My hubby went on a protein shake buying spree and bought four different brands of shakes for me. Not to crazy about some, Special K is too low in protein. I meet with the Nutritionist 2/10/14. Surgeon on 2/13/14. I plan to be below 450 lbs by 2/13.

    Oooowee, I am so excited!!! :
  2. Google jan
    Google jan
    Welcome to the site! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I had the surgery on 9/27/14 ! Have lost 65 lbs since then. These first weeks are the hardest but I now can eat anything I want with no restrictions. I've found I am not craving the carbs & I am not so focused on food all the time. I don't get hungry & if I can keep busy. I think that shows that eating is still more of a habit. I concentrate on getting the protein in & then add the veggies & some carb. If I find myself wanting something I eat a couple of triscuits with a slice of low fat cheese.

    Best of luck to you ? Keep posting. We are all here for you!
  3. Ann2
    I'm 68 and expect to be sleeved probably in April 2014. I'm ready!

    Really glad to hear about the successes of those over 60 who've chosen this path.

  4. nan60
    I am 60 and am hoping for a surgery date before April. I have been reading and just found this group.
    How did your recovery go? I had my last child at 43 and the recovery was much harder and longer than the other 5 I had at a much younger age. I was wondering how you all felt being older.
    Another question I have is- how about the extra skin? we have lost so much elasticity by this age, how did that affect the weight loss and loose skin?
    thanks for any sharing....
  5. PurplePeg
    I am 60, and I am converting from a band (March 2011) lost 60 lbs. but BMI still over 40. I am having my band removed on 2/24/14 by my surgeon, (he is the same surgeon that put the band in and will be doing my sleeve.) I am excited about this. I wish I had done this earlier. Good luck all.
  6. wilsonvirg
    come July I will be 70 and I had my surgery on 1/14/14 and when starting my 6 months waiting and dieting period I started at 297 when I got to that point I was determined I would not go over 300. I could barely get out of a chair and hardly fit in an airplane seat without and extension seat belt. This morning I was 257 and I know that some of that is water weight because after more than 40 years I have stopped taking all my pills including blood pressure pills with hctz in them. I first cut my metformin to 1 pill a day and now I have stopped that. I could hardly make it to the third house on the block and now I am walking for 30 minutes in the morning and each week increasing the distance with a couple of blocks each week. I can now bend to tie my shoes and I am starting to also track calories and carbs along with liquid and protein. I must tell you that my profession was a chef and my business before retiring was a cake shop....can't imagine how I got to 297. The one thing that I wanted to do is be able to enjoy my retirement and be able to travel like the new "50" instead of in a scooter with oxygen. I am now willing to do what it takes to get to "onederland" . I have told very few people that I had the surgery not even my children, I do not want to hear negative comments so I just tell people that I am having some stomach problems and the doctor has me on a very struck diet.I wish you all well on your journey lets keep in touch so that we can help each other. Drinking my protein drink right now and later I will have some poached salmon with mustard and chicken broth and a little lite mayo. Have a great day everyone
  7. Lee6Lee
    Good luck to us all!
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