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Making the Right Choice for the Right Reason...

  1. Just2BHealthy
    Sometimes I wonder am I Making the Right Choice for the Right Reason... I say this because I hadn't even given weight loss surgery any thought until my primary care physician suggested at a doctor's visit that I consider having it. Here's just a little bit about me so you can see why I'm having these concerns. A few years ago I wanted the Lap-Band; however, the year I decided I wanted it the insurance I had stopped covering it. Then I went to work for a company that covered it but I didn't pursue it. Instead I did the HCG diet and had great success I ended up losing 45lbs in 2 and half months, but I had a scare with a nodule in my breast but thank God is was not cancerous. Nevertheless, I was instructed that I cannot do any hormonal diets, which meant no more HCG. I was 35 pounds away from goal at the time. Life happened and the weight came back. So, here I am again morbidly obese with a BMI that ranges between 40 and 41. I was at a point before the weight gain that I did not have to take any medication for type II diabetes or high blood pressure. At the time my doctor stated that since I had such good cholesterol I was not at risk for any heart disease. That's all changed. Now, I'm back to taking medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Not to mention how my joints feel...

    Well, I went to the WLS seminar and I have my first consultation on the 16th of January and I am no longer considering the Lap-Band due to my research. I am now contemplating getting the Sleeve. I know the surgery is a tool to help us achieve a health weight and I know that there will be good days and bad days. I watched my niece after she had the Sleeve done. But lately I haven't been focusing so much on the surgery but whether my reason for contemplating having it is still all about health. I'm starting to find myself thinking more about what I will look like 84lbs lighter, so question is has vanity taken over or is this natural? Don't get me wrong, health reasons are at the top of the list because six months ago I was blessed to have my first grandbaby who was born on my mother's birthday what a blessing, and I want to be here for him and for my boys. I want to know has anyone else had concerns about whether they were focusing too much on the outer appearance rather than the health benefits or do they go hand in hand. I would like to get the opinions of others who have already had the process done....
  2. fluffynomore
    I think it is a right decision if it's something you want for you and nobody else is making this decision for you. Everyone will have different reasons for doing it but long as you are committed to a lifestyle change you are good.
  3. Aneved
    Being morbidly obese is no joke. It's an epidemic in our society & can develop into life threatening issues. Health wise u are stable now, that's awesome. Having the sleeve is not for everyone & it has to be a personal decision. No one else but u have to live with it. I have always been "big/overweight." Culturally it was great! However, I had lost my weight battle 10 years ago after I gained 75 pounds with my 1st child. 3 children later, I'm still struggling. My youngest is turning 7 & runs circles around me. I use to be athletic now I'm out of breathe. I'm 38 this year. I do have sleep apnea, asthma, borderline hypertension & diabetes. I also have a twin sister who's 60pounds lighter than me. Everything played in my decision. It's so expensive to purchase "women's sizes" & it's so frumpy looking. I don't feel sexy anymore when I'm naked. Intimately it bothered me being sooo overweight. I was not at my optimal potential. I started out 268, today I'm 235. When I was 190 I was a perfect size 10 & comfortably sexy. I do want to be "ideal" at 150lbs, but if I get to 190 & I'm completely satisfied, I'll maintain. We all have 1 life to live & I pray I can get another 30-50+ more on my timer (years on earth). We never know what tomorrow might bring, but seriously, I wish I had done this surgery 3 years ago when I was contemplating. Everything happens for a reason & so far I am ecstatic that I made the choice (finally) to sleeve. My self esteem is better so far & I can't wait till my energy level is back up to 100%. So far so good...stay encouraged, make the choice that is right for u. Diet & exercise is all good, but it does not work for everyone. The sleeve is a step up. Don't get me wrong, I'm still exercising @ watching what I'm eating, the difference is my portion sizes. They are way smaller, but suits me just fine. I'm usually satisfied with what I've eaten & not stuffed.be well...stay blessed
  4. SumLGS
    You are the right reason. I didn't tell anyone but my husband and best friend then my Mom before the surgery. No one else has to live in your body or in your head. You are making a decision to live. If you die from obesity related issues, what will people say then.
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