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St louis just getting started

  1. a2twinsnanny
    Hello I am just getting started though I have been considering this for about 4 years now. Would love to connect with others who have used st louis area surgeons and to also hear of the insurance experiences for approval
  2. LaineeK
    I just joined this site. I am going through the 6 months of supervised diet with general practitioner that my insurance and Des Peres requires. Going to my second seminar Saturday at Des Peres. The doctor that I want will be speaking. Dr. Stephen Scott. He use to be at De Paul hospital, now director and administrator of Bariatric surgery, Des Peres. It's good to go to the seminars and speak to the Drs. when making a decision.
  3. a2twinsnanny
    Thanks for the reply I am going to the seminar on Saturday at Des Peres as well! I hope to see you there. I think they have paperwork on their website that might help get the ball rolling. I want to have the surgery over the summer..in june or july but if I have to wait for the 6 month supervised diet then I should be more flexible. I know that I can't afford to self pay but I have two insurances but only one covers bariatric surgery.
  4. LaineeK
    Hope to see you there also. Just look at Des Peres website and click on "My New Self", then read through till you come to the description of the sleeve. At the top of the page you will see "Our Program". The forms will be listed there.
  5. SandyK
    Hi Ladies! I had the sleeve performed on Dec. 18th at Des Peres and had Dr. Ricks. He is amazing!!!!!!! Over all it was a wonderful experience! Please ask any questions and I will try to answer as best as I can. Sandy
  6. LaineeK
    Hey everyone! Attended my second seminar at Des Peres Hospital with Dr. Scott. It was a wonderfully informative session. It confirmed my decision to have the Sleeve Gastrectomy. My only concern was that I had turned in all the required paperwork at the first seminar that I attended in October and had not been contacted about an appointment to see the surgeon, dietitian or psychiatrist. Today the young woman that did the introduction and closing said that after the initial patient information was turned in, a person would call within 2 weeks to set up appointments. Today I gave her updated paperwork, information about tests that I've had and asked for help in what's next. She was surprised I hadn't had any contact from the surgical department. She did say she would look into it for me. Here's praying I get the introduction meetings with all those involved soon. I'm ready!
  7. a2twinsnanny
    Laineek, I wasn't able to attend the seminar as planned due to having a sick kid but I did call them today and they told me the same thing after taking my information. They are checking my insurance ( which should be fine) and someone should call me within 2 weeks and wont be able to schedule my first appointment until then. I already am enrolled in the bariatric program with my insurance (UHC) and have been assigned to a nurse who can walk me through the process but she already told me I need the 6 month supervised diets. SO I am waiting to find some recommendation for a dietitian that accepts my insurance to monitor my diet in the st louis area or if I can just use the dietician at mynewself office.
  8. a2twinsnanny
    What is some advice that you would give us for working with the DesPeres office? What were the pros and cons of your experience so far?
  9. Travelqt62
    Hi. My surgeon is Dr Minkin. I am scheduled for surgery on May 15th. Wish me luck!
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