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Trouble swallowing medications + vitamins?

  1. butterfly2013
    The only problem I'm having is swallowing all my medications (7 pills total) plus all the vitamins we have to take. At bedtime I have to take 6 medications + 5 vitamins, it makes me sick to my stomach once I get them all done. Is anyone else having trouble swallowing medication and/or vitamins?

    Good Part: I've lost 22 lbs in just 12 days post surgery
  2. Annie4
    It was a struggle at first, but I promise it will get easier. Maybe start a little earlier with the bedtime meds instead of all of them close together. Keep up the good work, you are doing Great
  3. Luann
    I take most of my meds at night, and used to take my vitamins at night too. Now early in the day I set out all the vitamins I have to take and work on them all day. Goal is to get them in before I have to start on the real night time meds. I have switched to chewables for all the vitamins / minerals I can. Chewable calcium, sublingual b-12, biotin lozenges, etc. And flintstones for the multivitamin. It has helped. I know what you mean about getting sick to your stomach with all the pills. Sometimes I have had to run to the bathroom getting sick over them - other times I just concede & don't get in all I'm supposed to. It's got easier since I put my foot down on 1 recent addition to the meds that wasn't helping my chronic back pain, making me hugely constipated & also nauseous. I was to add senna to the mix every night to combat the constipation - skip that. Now I'm thankful I have 4 less capsules to take & no added pills to combat the side effects of the one I stopped.
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