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  1. Pbran21
    Oh my gosh I start my shakes next Sat. and the last few day's i have been so hungry. Has anyone felt like this?
  2. rowdyjube
    I noticed that every time I start formulating a plan for the pre-surgery restrictions (shakes/liquids), I get hungry. It's not because I'm thinking about food, because I spend plenty of time on menu planning and sharing recipes with no problem. But as soon as I start paying attention to limiting my intake to fluids I become famished!!
  3. Pbran21
    Thank at least I know i am alone
  4. Dair67
    I started drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch long before my pre-op actually began so that if I felt the urge to "cheat" it was still ok and I was teaching my tummy how to get along with less. Then by the time my actual pre-op time came it was a little less difficult to stay on track. I truly believe that following your pre-op diet to the letter is a good key to feeling your best after surgery.
  5. Pbran21
    I start pre op sat but and doing a shake for lunch every day thanks
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