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gall bladder removal

  1. latasha4649
    Have any of you sleevers had your gall bladder removed? I see that some have and some have not. I was told that it was suggested by not required. What's the deal with that?
  2. Annie4
    They didn't remove mine. That might be the case if the patient was already having gall bladder problems prior to surgery. I'm interested in other comments.
  3. MediaHound
    Why risk keeping it and getting gallstones one sad day?
  4. Joseppecamp
    My surgeon urged against it. No need to complicate a routine surgery if not necessary.
  5. gem2
    I talked to my Dr. And he said get it out. Evidently with large weight loss gall stones are very possible.
  6. juztjes
    My surgeon is removing mine at the same time of surgery. I have gallstones already with minor symptoms. My surgeon asked me about removing it and noted it's highly likely that I would suffer with it after dropping 50 lbs or so. I didnt want to have another surgery down the road or risk having a full on gall bladder attack. I would rather get it all done at once and move on and my insurance has approved the gall bladder removal along with the sleeve.
  7. time4change031113
    i have one gallstone and decided not to take mine out b.c i dont feel pain or have problems with it.
  8. GarnersGirl
    My surgery is 4/21. I asked my surgeon about removing mine at the same time and she said no. She did not want to complicate the surgery since I have no symptoms. In addition, some people with their gallbladders removed have a dumping type syndrome associated with the bile dumping directly into their intestines can causes sudden urgent diarrhea after eating and she did not want me to experience that and have it confused with the sleeve. I will trust her......
  9. ssc22880
    I had mine removed on 3/21/14, just under 7 months after my surgery. I had started having issues, and was fine before surgery. My Dr. is against doing both at the same time, he waits to see if you will have any issues after surgery before he will remove it. I also know my friend who had issues before surgery (we have the same Dr.) and he wouldnt remove hers at the same time either. She has had no gallbladder issues since the surgery either. Hope this helps.
  10. Ang50
    I want to keep my gallbladder. I am not sure what the exact function of but it was in body before. Let it stay there.
  11. s82t84t59
    I had mine removed several yrs ago. If I were in your shoes I would have it removed at same time if possible. It is not needed like the appendix. One less surgery you will have to endure. You will notice no difference in pain or function.
  12. savannahlea2012
    I had family history with the gallbladder getting hot. I removed mine at the same time. Glad I did. No extra recovery and didn't have to wonder if I'd get gallstones. I'm 5 weeks out and no pain or problems.
  13. Susie57
    I believe there may be a connection to the diet we are on. Years ago when I tried Optifast which was 500 cal High protein very low carb diet the first time I ate real food (after 20 weeks) I ended up in the er with gallstones. I wasn't the only one with the same problem in our class. Maybe a coincidence but I don't think so.
  14. SapphireLevaou
    Hey so im planning on getting my gall bladder removed . my bmi is 37. but i just dont want the problems for gall bladder stones or issues or infections after the surgery. I plan to get my surgery done next June.
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