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  1. uniqdrgnfly
    Have been between 245 and currently between 265 and 275 for the last several years. Will be so glad to see the 100's and NEVER see the 200's again!
  2. nanitze
    I hear ya. I am in the smae boat. I almost feel as if I can't wait until my surgery. A whole new life here we come.
  3. jazziejasmine
    Me three! I look forward to Onederland!
  4. cinniwalk
    I cant wait to get rid of my big clothes as i lose..... never to return to plus size again! I have kept all my skinny clothes praying one day i woyld fit in them again! And u cant wait to buy something at Victoria Secret, instead of just lotions, and feel sexy about it! Even if i gotta stuff the droppy boobs into a sexy bra i dont care, i will still feel amazing!
  5. workinprogress1962
    I am with all of you!!
  6. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Oops! Posted in wrong thread.
  7. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Welcome ladies!
  8. dpastrychef
    Hello Ladies!! I've already put clothes 2 sizes smaller on layaway. I'm so excited!!
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