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anyone have problems with spouses bringing junk food in

  1. rxtech932002
    im getting sleeved hopefully end of dec or in jan and I was wondering how some of you deal with family members or spouses that constantly bring in junk food buy it anyway after you tell them not too. I tell my husband and family members in the nicest way and they still do it. My hubby says he supports my decision but still brings in the junk and this is an issue im struggling with and afraid will get in the way once sleeve. I am talking to a therapist and on depression meds anyway.
  2. Luann
    I don't have that issue, it's only me and my adult son & if he brought junk food home, it's just for him & it would be the cause of WW3 if I snitched even a crumb.
    If they aren't willing to stop bringing junk food around, maybe see if they are willing to come to a meeting with your therapist? I mean if the therapist might be willing to facilitate a discussion around how this impacts you. Just a thought.
  3. azladyrider
    Once you get our sleeve you won't be able to eat this junk anyway. Well you eventually will and I eat candy once in awhile, maybe one time a week I will have a candy bar but once you have the surgery you won't be able to eat much of anything that is bad for you anyway

    It's not fair in your mind I am sure but ultimately it's up to us to guide our own lives and make our own decisions.
  4. reading mom
    reading mom
    Well in my house there is only me and my 17 yr old son. He is an athlete and works out 3 hrs a day 5 days a week. I am happy to have ice cream and a few other treats around for him. While in my pre sleeve days it was more tempting to me, these days I see those items as his. The sleeve gives me the power to say no thanks. I still order pizza about once a week. Pre sleeve we split it and I ate every slice from my half. These days I either eat a bite or 2 or let him have the whole thing. It just isn't a big deal anymore.

    I understand your frustration now, but I predict post surgery it wont bother you as much as you fear. Try telling your family you need a temporary moratorium on the junk food till you get to week 3 or 4 post op. Maybe they will cooperate more if they know it wont be forever. Encourage them to have a night out with dad once a week where they can eat what they like without it bothering you.

    Remember it is you on this journey. You need to make the changes, not them. And you have to be strong enough to do it in the face of opposition. You can do it!!!
    my house is full of junk its hard but I feel like its my issue and I need to learn to not touch it im sure there will be tuff moments and I may have to tell him to get it all out but im hoping I can just learn don't touch !! I don't want my kids or hubby to have to go without because I have a weight problem
  6. Annie4
    I have a husband and 4 grown sons and yes occasionally they do snack and eat things that after this Friday (woohoo) will no longer be a part of my life. I try to think about how great I am going to look and feel, and not let food control any part of my life or thinking process anymore. Yes, I know, sometimes that is easier said than done, but it's a work in progress. Best of luck to you!
  7. miss_t
    I am surrounded by junk food all day long at the office. I go to the kitchen, I look and sniff it all in. I then turn myself around and eat my healthy food that I brought. I did not do all of this to cheat and gain my weight back. At home I have a 4 year old son and he likes to have snacks. I buy him junk food but I get to control how much he has and I never let him over do it.
  8. ShaNique
    You will eventually learn to ignore them. I hate to say it but more than likely you won't be it tolerate junk food anyway. I mean everyone responds to the surgery differently but im 3 months out and I can't eat pork, sweets, greasy food, (even if it looks like it isn't) bread, chewy cheeses, fruit and vegetables with skin. I learned the hard way that these things make me very sick for a long time. Even having it my mouth. Some people say chew and spit. I can't. This is alot to through to eat the wrong stuff and gain or not loose as faster. So dont worry about to much. You have plenty to deal with. You could do like I do , yell at him to knock if off and throw it out when he's not looking. :-)
  9. Luann
    ShaNique - lol on throwing it out when he's not looking. Thanks for the best laugh I've had in a while.
  10. JoelleH
    It might be an issue before the surgery, but after the surgery it wont be a big deal for you.
    I go with my fiancÚ to KFC or any other junk places sometimes, he gets his meal and i go for an apple juice.
    If you are hungry the smell might open your appetite, so go and eat your meal, once you're full this will never annoy you any more.
    Good luck until your surgery!
  11. Hev
    I find the most difficult thing is my husband has a gastric band.. He will snack at night on pitta chips and I love them, I have started eating prunes... That are wrapped in single wrapper.. He has put on 10 pounds and I am trying not to nibble at stuff that's no good but occasionally I give in. The only thing is not to buy it.. But you can't stop someone else buying it easily.. I just have to leave the room or get busy. But I have every sympathy for people who deal with family members who snack I know how that is...
  12. Aquajog
    My husband loves his junk food while watching sports .. He watched his sports in our bedroom where we have our bigger screen TV .. I watch out in the living room .. To keep me from even seeing his snacks , he keeps them in a box on too of his dresser. Have completed my 3 months with a Bariatric dietitian and have stopped eating most of that stuff . But it is better out of my sight . Am starting my pre-op diet in the AM just cleared out the refrigorator of stuff that is mine but I will not be able to have .. By biggest fear is forgetting and just popping something in my mouth.. So hopefully out of sight out of mind.
  13. shemarie
    I have on a couple occasions now gotten treats for my fiance because she has been so supportive through this whole process. It hasn't really bothered me, I just told myself "I don't eat that anymore", and went to find myself something else. I will try to have a popsicle when others are eating junk so it feels like a treat.
  14. dyberrah
    Shemarie - that is so wise I have been dreading movie night with my girlfriends where there was always unbridled consumption of chocolate covered almonds, cookies and popcorn. I am 3-1/2 weeks out, and I have been planning what I can bring to snack on, in case the urge hits. Popsicles! Or maybe even a sugar-free fudgesicle
  15. Dair67
    I allow myself to have the odd treat now and again. I find the saving grace is that we can no longer sit down and over eat them like we used to. I also keep in mind if i do nibble that it will be just that much less healthy food I can eat when meal time comes around, it keeps me honest with myself. It can really throw you off track if you let it, but lets be fair to ourselves. I believe in never say never, it doesn't work for me. But being reasonable about snacking is working.
  16. Narasweet
    Well I do sometimes have some umm junk food but very rarely, and a tiny amount, sometimes I find that little maccas ice cream was just fine after my coffee, sometimes the few crisps I took were not as tasty as I thought they would be, or hopefully will not call to me next time. Bottom line we rarely have that stuff in our house, if I want some special food I plan to treat myself with prawns and advocardo for lunch, make a special meal.....or even better treat myself with non food things like a massage :-)
  17. pattycake65
    I guess I am lucky I live alone with my dog after reading about the husbands bringing in junk food..... and I guess that is why I have not been marriedin 25 years........ha ha
  18. barntruckcutie
    I shop for my family and get them all the junk food they usually had. I don't think its fair to make them change because im changeing. Iwant to be able to eat the way I eat and resist foods I shouldn't have. It wasn't their choice to do this it was mine and I take full responsibility for it. I hope things work out for you --- you can do it!
  19. Joy48
    One thing you need to remember is that this is your journey and as they are being supportive you changing your eating habits does not mean you can force them to change theirs but once they see you are serious they will come around to eating healthier and leaving the junk foods alone. Happy Journey!
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