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Despite knowing that I've had surgery, I'm always surprised that I continue to lose. LOL

  1. soleil
    In my head, of course I know that I'm supposed to be losing weight but it still surprises me when I buy a smaller size and a few weeks later, the smaller size is getting loose on me. LOL I bought new jean capris (2 sizes smaller) 2-3 weeks ago and last night when I put them on, they were loose in the waist and I was shocked. Well, I've lost about 10lbs since I bought them so it make sense. Guess my head needs some time to realize that I am literally shrinking!
  2. Dudu
    The same is happening to me.. Im definitely considering not buying anything more so I dont lose my money as Im losing weight. I still have 40 pounds to go but to date, Im feeling great! Still dealing with some food not going down as easy as thought or even tollerating them, but Im good and can be better for sure! I see myself in the mirror and theres somebody that I like and that now is more confident than ever! I hope everybody feels the same and do not overindulge in slider foods or in the feeling that nothing sits good in our tummy. Best of luck to you!
  3. vickybeads
    This is where resale shops come in handy. You can buy nice clothes for fairly low prices and a few weeks later, donate them back and get something smaller, until you reach goal. THEN get the new wardrobe.
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