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Hello Ladies and Gentlelmen

  1. Phoenixrise
    I wanted to say I started this journey not expecting to have supreme reuslts but okay mediocre results. So I am going to tell you how I been. I started this journey at my heaviest of 273 lbs. I had surgery in Mexico with a doctor no one even heard of and people on here were concerned but I choose to use him anyways after speaking with a previous patient and at $3800 it was a steal. I had no negative results I healed fine and I began to lose weight. I read about stalls and I was not at all sad or upset when I got them I went into this expecting stalls I was just thrilled the weight was coming off I did not care how long it took but to know I was not gaining was awesome. Also I did something different I went cruising other African American photos and wanted to know in average what everyone was looking like 6m to a year down. I realized 6months the majority if about a hundred pounds over weight looked good despite where the scale said they were. The rest after one year was stunning. I set in my head two points 6M and 1yr I didn't care about any stall or anything I only cared what I would look like after 6m which made me not stress. Today a year OUT I am at 168 lbs and lost 104 lbs. I can say IT IS GREAT AND AMAZING I SWEAR i thought I would only lose 85-90 lbs so it is just a blessing I had to share. Stay encouraged and do not stop you are so worth this and the feeling you are worth having it everyday. I try to check this as much as possible but messages are best if you want to write me. I had no secrets I did go times with strict low calorie no carb diets that helped big time
  2. vmbayne
    Great job keep up the positive thing and you
    Will continue with positive results. Set your destiny
    Even if you have to go by yourself. I know people
    Who spent more on diet plan than $3800 who did not get
    Half your results!!!
  4. Blackbry63
    Awesome congratulatuons
  5. msloi71
    Thank you for that update. I'm less than 24hours out and this encouraging to hear... Continue success
  6. butterscott
    Great job. I love reading your post for they are so encouraging. I am also down 65 at 8 months out. I fell and look do much better. I have cheated and still lost weight. That was why I needed this tool, I have no self-control when it comes to food. My lost has been slow, but it fits me. Keep up the good work. I admire you.
  7. 619Diva
    Congratulations on your 104 pound lose. I can't even fathom getting under 200 pounds & I'm @ 243 but loosing 100 wow. I'm having surgery August 27th & I'm looking forward 2 see how I look in 6mos. Thank you 4 the encouragement & the update. God bless on your journey
  8. Phoenixrise
    Thanks Everyone trust me if I did it you all will do it too. Just don't get caught up in comparing yourself that will hurt you because you think your failing because your not doing as good as someone else. Just focus on you and do not get depressed. Also you have to remember that your losing weight and that counts. I know many of us are starting off with less than one hundred to lose, and some about a hundred and some, others like 150 or more so remember the more you have to lose the faster it will come off. The less someone has to lose the closer they will be to their goal so don't get discouraged someone bigger lost more weight. Don't get discouraged someone with less to lose hit their goal weight faster. Trust me it is so many factors in which people get discouraged. Patience is the biggest key
    Congratulations - this is Awesome news! My year date was June 6, 2013 and I am 109 pounds down! It is amazing the way I look but I also feel great!
  10. Phoenixrise
    Congrads on your over one hundred pound loss. How mucb more do you want to lose? I want to lose no more than twenty more pounds. I just want the fat off my abdomen and arms gone and it wouldn't hurt to shave a couple off my thighs and I will be a happy camper
  11. SHELLE
    Congratulations! You words have encouraged me. I have been so afraid to come to stall.
  12. Phoenixrise
    Do not stress stalls everyone gets them their is not one person who has not had one. They vary amongst each person, but they are temp. and they do not stop your overall weight loss. They just make you appreciate how far you come each time you hit one. You can't look at it as how much further you came but just take the time to enjoy what you have accomplished so far.
  13. gibro225
    Congratulations, and thanks for positive post, I'm a little afraid but I trust God, will take care of me.

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