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Its been 2 months since surgery

  1. wlol1987
    Hi everyone its been 2 months since my gastric sleeve, i went from 245 lbs to currently 185.5. Now im at a standstill with my wait loss. Is this normal??
  2. scentual1
    Wow... that is amazing weight loss. I am only at a month out and have already experienced a stall. Stalls, from what I understand, will happen from time to time. Just continue working your program.
  3. AlbAnn
    wow...60 pounds in 2 months! amazing! I am closer to scentual1, 5 weeks out and 21 pounds. I lose a few the stall for several days. I know I need to work on water and exercise. I think our bodies are going through so many changes that stalls are just part of it...hang in there!
  4. Rusa
    Wow, my start was 246 and I'm only 208. My surgery was 5/13. I walk every day 2-3 miles but have had quite a few stalls. Good job!
  5. Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
    Wow great weight loss! I'm 5 months out and down 40 pounds. I'm a slow loser. I seem to stall for a long period of time (weeks) and then drop 2-3 pounds, then stall, drop, stall, drop. Everyone is different. I haven't done any exercise so I know that is a HUGE part of my problem. Good luck, you are doing great!
  6. jknox65
    I am 9 months down and almost 100 pounds.
  7. wlol1987
    Hi guys sorry it took so long for me to reply, thank you all for your kind responses, i recently went for my checkup and my dr. Said that stalled weight loss is normal,and that i will continue to lose weight as time goes on. My only obsession is the scale!!! I'm on that thing 4 or 5 times a day! Went back to work last week, and i'm a little uncomfortable with all the stares, but i'm thankful for this surgery!! It saved my life. Goodluck to all of you.:d
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