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A few hours post op

  1. Kelly Jo
    Kelly Jo
    I was sleeved last evening. Wide awake now can't sleep. Weakness, pain, nausea, dizziness when I first came to my room but that only lasted less than a half hour. Was up walking three hours later. Using my pain button occasionally but not much. Oxygen levels are a bit low but otherwise doing great. Wish I could sleep but I work night shift so I'm used to being awake this time of night.

    Only bad thing was the OR was running very behind and they took me in three hours later than planned. I was the last surgery of the day for my surgeon.

    So glad the day finally came.
  2. A new Beginning
    A new Beginning
    Best of luck to you. That is very encouraging to hear. Keep up the good work and keep us posted . 43 days till my surgery and it was good to hear something positive
  3. lolbrarian
    Glad to hear you're doing well! I had to wait for my OR to be available too, but not quite as long as you did! How are you feeling now?
  4. swarizonaone
    I was first surgery of the day, and I slept the entire day, then up every hour, but kept falling back asleep..............slept almost through the evening and the night. Whenever I would fall asleep, the nurses came in to do vitals. They were very quiet at night though, and so pleasant. i had to stay an additional day because it was hard to get fluids down. Wed was my surgery and today is Saturday night, and I'm FINALLY ABLE to get a popsicle down. One week from today, this should be much better. I'm walking though, even took a shower. I think THIS WAS THE BEST decision of my life!
  5. swarizonaone
    my pic is on my profile.........so how do I get it with my posts?
  6. Kelly Jo
    Kelly Jo
    So I'm a week post op now. Feeling really good. Bad news was I gained a ton of weight in the hospital, like 13 lbs! My surgeon really pushes the IV fluids heavily and I was expecting a gain but not that much. Took a few days to get that off. So I am only down 2 lbs from my weight a week ago. But a loss is a loss. Day 3 was the hardest day. Since then feeling better daily. Up and walking everyday, getting more and more fluids in each day. Feeling really good overall, just ready to start seeing some significant loss.
  7. CatherineRN
    Week till surgery and looking forward to getting it behind me, I hope mine goes as well as yours. Merry Christmas!
  8. LoveLife
    Congrats! I am scheduled 4 weeks from today. I just recently decided to get sleeved. I am so excited for the 'change'.
  9. Jim
    Best of luck to you, I had my sleeve last Monday and feel much better now.
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