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Weight Loss Surgeons - Tijuana

  1. Phoenixrise
    Hey, I been noticing that a lot of you have had wonderful experiences with your weight loss surgeons and should share your providers information with others who are looking into different providers and need contact information.

    Helping others on their journey to the losers bench

    Please list

    Doctor or Agency:
    Coordinator/ Contact number:
    Procedure and Cost of your procedure:
  2. skinny2be
    Dr.Lopez & Dr.Ortiz @ A Lighter Me
    Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico - Affordable Obesity Surgery
    Janese & her number is # 714-516-8193
    Vertical Gastric Sleeve / cost $4650
    My entire journey is on my blog. I loved it in Mexico!!! Anyone please feel free to contact me for any questions or support!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  3. itchycat55
    What skinny2be said...all the same...ALighterMe is a super group!
  4. bergamini
    Dr. Fernando Gracia through Ready4AChange
    Ready4aChange | Your Bariatric Surgery Resource!
    Alma at 1-800-270-7120 ext. 3
    Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy - $4700
    Includes 3 nights hotel and 2 nights in an actual hospital...highly recommended!
  5. dbarnes7
    The Obesity Control Center, Dr Ariel Ortiz. Dr Ortiz had impressive credentials. I had a great experience.
  6. wini
    I went thru a lighter me down 65 since jan 26 every thing went smoothly would do it all again
  7. Jenniferkatie
    Just like Bergamini, I used Dr. Garcia through www.ready4achange.com...AWESOME experience over at Florence Health...i would recomend to ANYONE looking for awesome doctors and awesome care...their attention to detail is phenominal! They have all your bases covered and will take great care of you! For $4700 for BMIs up to 50 then its a step increase to i think max of $5300 for over BMI 70...You will NOT be disappointed!!
  8. Phranquie
    Doctor or Agency:
    Website: Weighlossagents.com
    Coordinator/ Contact number: 855-753-3833
    Procedure and Cost of your procedure: $4500
    Other:Surgery Date: 8/8/12 (325+ High weight 7/16/12) Current Weight: 155 I had a great surgery, no complications, little pain.
  9. Fawn1120
    Dr. Ramos-Kelly (no coordinator)
    Website: Weight loss surgery Mexico
    Phone423) 367-3031 Or 1 (619) 793-4869
    FACS (Fellowship of American College of Surgeons) certified
    ASMBS (American Society Metabolic and Bariatrric Surgeon) certified
    Dr Kelly does many types of surgery. I had the sleeve 4/6/13. No complications. Great restriction! Highly recommend.
  10. dusti42878
    Ready4achange....dr Garcia!! Great experience
  11. The_Redhead
    Thanks for starting this post Phoenixrise. I'm looking for a surgeon as well. I was leaning towards Dr. Almanza but I'm still not feeling totally confidant about the decision, so I'm keeping my options open. Does anyone else have any information to add?
  12. Daddyof3Es
    I am going with Dr. Osuna. She is Dr. Lopez's wife. Has anyone used her? I am working with Janese from A Lighter Me.
  13. skinny2be
    I didn't use Dr.Osuna but I'm sure she is just as qualified as anyone else on the Lighter Me Team.
    Janese is great help and always willing to answer questions. I had a great time!!! My journey is on my blog along with before and after pics. I still have about 25-30 pounds to go.
  14. skinny2be
    To The_Redhead:
    I do see a lot of people on here that have used Dr. Almanza and have had great success. So I won't say anything bad about him. As a personal choice for me I ruled him out because I wanted to be in an actual hospital and I was concerned about how many surgeries he did a day.That's why I chose Dr.Lopez @ A Lighter Me. Ultimately the choice is yours and as long as you have done your research and you feel comfortable with your decision that's what matters. Good luck to you!!
  15. sheabh
    Just got back from Tijuana yesterday! I had my surgery on Monday, Aug 19th. I went through A Lighter Me and had a great experience!!! Janese was wonderful and so was her crew, Abraham and Eduardo. They were at the hospital every day I was there and the hotel afterwards. They took us shopping the day before we left and I never had to look for them or could not find them if I needed anything. Which I didn't because they were always there. My surgeon was Dr.Ortiz at Mi Doctor Hospital. My sister went with me and she had a bed in the room with me! She stayed the whole time. I had no pain afterwards, no nausea, no vomiting and no gas! Thank God! I've been able to eat the broth, water, gatorade, isopure. So far so good. I loved using A Lighter Me! And to top it off, Dr. Ortiz came back to my hotel room the night before I left to make sure everything was okay and to see if I had final questions and he gave me final home care instructions! Also, Tijuana was great! Not one problem walking around and the Mariott Hotel was beautiful!!!
  16. painfreenow
    Dr. Fernando Gracia
    Salvador Novo #1060
    22100 Tijuana, Baja California
    Phone Consultorio Mex. (664)634-1974 En USA (909) 562-1481 (619) 507-8861
    Email drgarciagovea@hotmail.com
    Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy - $4700
    Includes 3 nights hotel and 2 nights in an actual hospital...highly recommended!
    absolutely no complaints !!! the doctor and his whole team and the hospital nurses (Florence) were superb NO REGRETS
  17. RoDean
    To The_Redhead

    I had my Surgery on July 22nd in Tijuana with Dr. Almanza. I had a great experience, no pain, no vomiting and the surgery went off without a hitch. I joined his patient group on these forums and asked a ton of questions so I knew exactly what to expect going in, no surprises, everything was just as they laid it out for me and I wasn't scared for a minute. Might have been if I didn't know so much ahead of time. If there is anything you want to know about Dr. Almanza, the clinic, the care or the staff, just go to my profile and post. I started at 273 lbs and I am now down 54 pounds that will never, ever again be on this body, I am so happy!! I went through Weight Loss Agents and the surgery was $4799.
  18. frannii
    Obesity Goodbye in Tijuana, Dr. Sergio Verboneen, very good expericence and he also removed several skin tags from my face. Nice clean clinic and the staff and care is great! my surgery was $4500.00
  19. Daddyof3Es
    Dr. Elias Ortiz @ A Lighter Me
    Call Janese her number is # 714-516-8193
    Vertical Gastric Sleeve / cost $4200
    Please read my blog to see my experience. I highly recommend them
  20. Twhip
    Doctor or Agency: Jerusalem Hospital, Dr. Almanza
    Website: Plastic Surgery in Mexico | Cosmetic Surgery Mexico
    Coordinator/ Contact number: Melissa 1-702-773-2588 or 1-866-806-4286
    Procedure and Cost of your procedure: Gastric Sleeve $4200.00
    Check him out on youtube.
  21. Cheri
    Dr. Elias Ortiz through A Lighter Me. Janese was my coordinator. Had the surgery done April 3, 2013 and have lost 75 pounds! Couldn't be happier with my experience!
  22. twilightstar
    Doctor or Agency: Dra. Louisiana Valenzuela/Mexico Bariatric Center
    Website: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico - Mexico Bariatric Center
    Coordinator/ Contact number: Cindy (855) 768-7247
    Procedure and Cost of your procedure: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy $4700
    Other: Have had a wonderful experience. Surgery is done at a real hospital (Hospital Mi Doctor) and you stay in the hospital for 2 nights, then 2 more nights at a very nice hotel (Marriott), all included. You also get a night in the hotel before your surgery. Dra. Valenzuela will be out on maternity leave in December and will return in March.
  23. JUstKAWS
    Dr. Almanza
    Loved the whole experience. I was one of three that day. Little to no pain, up and walking right away. Down 43lbs now and enjoying life.
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