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  1. Survivor
    Come on people, we are a small group for now. How about if we communicate with each other. I am from Southwest Virginia. Where are you all from? How are you doing with your weight?
  2. rgreason
    Hi I am from Ct weight loss is not at the rate of 10 lbs a month as I was told but I didn't put it on over night don't expect to take it off overnight either
  3. luvmissmm
    Hi. I am from Winston Salem, NC. I had my sleeve in 2008 at the age of 54. I am now 5 years post-op and have gained back 50 pounds of 186 pounds lost. I am looking for an accountability buddy who might want to join forces to get back on track. I have not followed my plan for a couple of years now and am not getting in physical activity. I am tired of sliding deeper and deeper into the abyss of weight gain and self loathing. Where is everyone at on their journey?
  4. Survivor
    Luvmissmm, I thought the sleeve was new. I had no ideal it had been around for 5 years. Anyway, I am loosing slowly. I really don't exercise due to my arthritis. All I know is this is the best think that I have ever done for myself. I have lost 75lbs. and have another 50 to go. By the way I am 59 and wish I had done this 20 years ago.
  5. eclecticity
    Hello, I am seven months post sleeve and gaining- 10 pds.! I am 64. I originally lost 62 pds. I think having an accountability group is a great idea. My diet isn't bad but I have not been exercising!
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