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  1. Stefyb71
    Hi, new to the group. Starting out weight was 298, I'm down to 282 and I have about 2 to 3 weeks before surgery. Hoping to hit a goal weight of 160, no lower than 150. Hope everyone is doing well pre and post-op.
  2. nansee018
    Welcome .......... Your doing good so far keep it up. I will be sleeved August 6th. I have not started the pre-op diet yet. Meet with the doc Friday for all the details on that. Best of luck with your journey.
  3. Khartt
    Hi - welcome! This is a great site and you'll find all kinds of answers to your questions.
  4. MissouriJen
    Welcome! You'll love it here. Surgery date will come faster than you know. And then be passed faster than you thought... LOL. Congratulations on being here.
  5. msnycia2u2013
  6. msnycia2u2013
    F;;; If you need ayting let me know. I also think u should join the group dos and donuts fabulous information of what to expect
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