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Weight 289

  1. LadyBug36
    I weighed 289 before I finally started to try again to have this procedure! I am now at 278. I will have my surgery in 5 days! Wish everyone Luck!
  2. sometingood
    Good luck!!!
    I started at 292 but am currently at 278 also.
  3. tamig078
    Good luck!! I can't wait mine is Not until April keep us up dated
  4. Leahnkylesmommy
    i started at 275 and now im 259!! my surgery is next wednesday!! good luck ladies ! i will keep you posted and please keep me posted on your progress
  5. Anita
    Good Luck, dont get fustrated your first month, after that it comes off, be patient. I started at 287lbs. now at 231 lbs. This is at five months.
  6. shaah
    Good luck everyone. i started at 238 back in Sep, and I am now 236, my surgery is supposed to b Jan 4th
  7. cdodge
    I started at 234. My surgery date was February 14, 2011. I am now at 148!
  8. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Hello, ladies!

    Man, some of you guys are lucky, my surgeon wants me at 230 before I can have surgery. 5 lbs. away...but dieting during the holiday season? My version of hell. At least I'll have the surgery when the holidays are OVER.
  9. Portugueselove
    When i went to see the dr. my weight was 290, i need to be at 270 for surgery. I am 276 now.
  10. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Good girl! We're about at the same placeI pray that we lose and don't gain weight over the holidays! I am irritated that my ticker (all tickers, I suppose) vanishes in groups, I started out at 255 and, no, it was NOT easy to lose. Why they insist on overweight people who have trouble losing weight losing weight to get a surgery to help them lose weight...yes, I know about the liver, and making it easier for the surgeon, but it's still a little frustrating.

    Grr grr grr. It's not the holidays w/out a little bitching, no? How are the rest of you ladies doing?
  11. N2DVN
    I started this journey at 294, down to 285 and surgery is on Jan 24th.
  12. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Look @ all the lovely ladies here! We'll have to celebrate as each of us gets to Onederland!
  13. gg9nerak
    My surgery is this Friday. I have lost down to 215...I sure am nervous about this.
  14. Chasman
    Hello, MY name is Charles, my surgery is next week, Thursday Jan 5th, I am currently 281.4 pounds, I start my 7 day pre-op diet today, I am only required to do a 5 day but I figure a couple extra days won't hurt.
  15. boazswife4
    Are you on your liquid diet yet?
  16. boazswife4
    do anybody have the pre op liquid diet?
  17. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Goodness, gg9nerak has surgery tomarrow, Charles next week! It's happening, guys!
  18. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Hoping gg9 is recovering nicely! Charles, how are you feeling? The countdown is on!
  19. Pochita
    I started at 286 and I had to get down to 250 before they would schedule my appointment. I did the liquid pre-op diet for 2 weeks prior and lost about 7 lbs with that.
  20. TXMOM
    I'm with Deelite. Screw dieting! That's why we had our stomachs sliced. How stupid is that. Anyway, I was at 259 prior to surgery. Did not have to do a pre-op diet. Thank God. Besides I told my surgeon no way in hell was I doing another damn diet. So, he did my surgery, and I've lost 22 lbs so far in 3 and 1/2 weeks.
    So happy.
  21. C-Otter
    New here, but I weigh between 270-280. I have really bad water retention, but my weight has gone up, even though I diet (weight watchers). I am tentatively having my surgery end of February beginning of March. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  22. dreamydeb
    hi.i started preop diet at 214. surgery was 4 18 .am now 170.yay
  23. Bcastro0303
    Thats exciting Deb congrats to you! I am just starting the process I dont know when my surgery will be. Hope all is still going well for you!
  24. KMelendez
    My starting weight was 227 lbs. I had surgery 1/12/12 and am at 160 lbs. now. I cannot believe the scale or my clothes -- the weight just keeps coming off -- my energy level is so much better, my attitude is a lot more positive, I actually feel in control of my eating and food doesn't have the power over me that it once did.
  25. SongBird74
    Hi. I'm new to this group. I started the process on 2/6/12 at 295 lbs. My weight on 7/2/12 (last of the 6 required visits by my insurance company) was 288 lbs. I started the pre-op diet on 7/9/12 and on 7/18/12 at my pre-op appt, I was 277 lbs. On 7/24/12 ( surgery day), I was 273. I am now 11 days post-op and I am at 257. So far so good. I am no longer afraid...the thought of food no longer gives me anxiety. That has been the biggest revelation for me since being sleeved.
  26. minxie
    Hi -

    I'm new, too. I am at 283.5 as of this morning. I haven't seen the surgeon yet, so I'm trying not to lose anything (now that I type it, I see how stupid that truly is) until I get in with my PCP on 8/21. I guess that will be my official starting weight.

    My recent lowest was in 2008, when I was 205. I was a goddess.

    I'm hoping that the tests and approval come quickly so that I can schedule surgery asap. I hate waiting!
  27. annabel
    I had my surgery on 8/21/12. I weighed 280 my first surgeon visit and 277 the day of surgery after a two week pre-op diet of protein drinks and fluids only. Today I am at 259. I don't seem to be losing as quickly as some sleevers. I'm not sure why that is. My first post-op visit with the surgeon is on 9/7/12. At that time I am hoping she will advance my diet from protein shakes and clear liquids to something more interesting. I am so sick of cold and sweet all the time. Good luck to those still waiting and good luck to those of us working out way through food and healthful eating.
  28. ChrissyD
    I am 286 and my surgery is on Jan 24th I start my 2 weeks of Pre Opt Diet on Monday! I am looking forward to being able to have more energy and fit in more wither it is clothes, booths, roller coasters just life in general.
  29. finally38done
    Hi I am 7 days from my surgery date. I was 298 when I started my pre-op diet 7 days ago and I am 293 today. I am so excited and can't wait until Tuesday, January 22.
  30. minxie
    Wanted to pop in and update. It's been almost 3 months since my surgery. I was 289 the day of surgery (yup, I gained between my post up there an 11/8 when I got sleeved). Today I am 234.5. I am trying to hit an even 60 lbs for my 3 month date! I am LOVING my sleeve and can't wait to be 148 like the chickadee up there who has had such amazing success! 229 is my first goal. Then 213. Then 199! I am getting so close to being in "onederland" I can feel it!

    Wishing everyone success!
  31. rycurll
    Why do some doctors require you to be at specific weights? Some require 230, others require 270... what's the purpose? Obviously, the less heavy you are, the easier for the surgeon, but the weight requirements are so off that you'd think it wouldn't matter. He may have 3 surgeries scheduled in one day - the first started at 320 and he requires them to be at 300, the second started at 290 and he requires them to be 275, and the third started at 250 and he requires them to be at 230. Why?
  32. ssc22880
    I was 285 before surgery, and wasnt required to lose any weight for the Dr or my insurance. I know it used to be you had to lose a percentage of your excess body weight before they would let you have the surgery. some Dr's still do this or their insurance requires them to do it.
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