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Pre op diet the same for everyone?

  1. Lil Sis
    Lil Sis
    I have been browsing posts about the pre-op diet and I'm a little confused. It seems like SOME are on liquids only for 2 weeks while others are only 1 week. Is it based on starting weight? Or just doctor preference? I'm agonizing a little over the pre-op if you can't tell
  2. cassandraf1990
    Im not sure but when I was browsing through posts as well I was expecting something along the lines of liquid for 2 weeks or so. I start my 2 week pre op diet this coming monday and mine is a 1200-1500 calorie diet for 12 days and the last 2 days r liquids only.
  3. CoComom
    mine is 1500 calories for 12 days (low fat and low carb) and then 2 day liquid. I think each Dr. has their own pre diet.
  4. Johnnigrl86
    It is different for every doctor. My diet was THREE weeks liquid, high protein. I couldn't believe it, and was curious of how people made it through. So like you I researched and saw that diets do vary, and as long as you try to stay healthy while increasing your protein intake and decreasing your pre-op weight you'll be okay.
  5. mama2five
    My doctor has no pre op diet. He said to do the best I can and exercise every day .
  6. Cindy Kay
    Cindy Kay
    My Doc/clinic had a 2-week pre-op diet, low-fat. Actually higher in carbs than I normally eat. I did not lose weight on the pre-op, but the Doc/nutritionist said the purpose of the diet was to 'shrink' and make the liver as flexible as possible. So the foods I was to eat were all to that purpose. A very precise diet including things like oatmeal in the morning. Lower carb foods in the afternoon. Agree - most Docs have their own regimen, although I was glad that they would share the purpose with me.
  7. vickybeads
    Hi Lil Sis - each doctor has their "program". A lot depends on how much fatty tissue you have surrounding your liver. The pre-op diet is designed to remove as much fatty tissue from the liver as possible prior to surgery, since that is the first thing that's moved out of the way to allow access to the stomache. It could also depend on how much the person weighs and other health issues. Check with your doctor and see what their pre-op diet is. Mine was about 3 days of clear low/no fat liquids prior to surgery.
  8. vickybeads
    NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART! - Here's where I went to see what goes on during a sleeve gastrectomy, before I had my surgery. Wouldn't change a thing - I love my sleeve! ORLIVE.COM

    John Muir Medical Center: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
  9. Lil Sis
    Lil Sis
    Thanks for the feedback! Looks like the doc s putting me on one week liquids only. Sigh... This will all be worth it
  10. Jospugjake
    I was told its based on your BMI. 2 weeks for 45 or greater, one week for less than 45.
  11. jloconnell
    My surgeon requires it for everyone. Oiy!
  12. Leslie L.
    Leslie L.
    My doctor only has me doing 3 days. Liquid for breakfast and lunch. Then just a couple of bite high protein at dinner with a couple of bites of veggies.
    Pre-op for two weeks is to eat less, high protein, low fat, no sugar/fried foods. Two days prior I will be on liquids only. I'm going through MiVip Surgery Center & have been preparing for over three months. Right after my consult I started to change my eating habbits. Now I crave all the good healthy stuff & funny thing on my 'bad' nights when I've had my fav foods I get really full fast & I just don't seem to enjoy it. But, give me some pnut butter/chocolate Haggen Daaz & that's a different story! LOL My attitude is all positive & know this will be the best thing I've done for myself!
  14. Dimplezzz2002
    At Loyola Medical Center in Maywood the length of your pre-op liquid diet depends on your BMI. If your BMI is over 50 it's a two week slog; if it's 49 or less it's only one week.
  15. flredheadmom
    My doctor is having me start a 3 week long liquid diet on 11/1. She already has me on a very limited high protein diet in the meantime for a possible surgery date of Thanksgiving week.
  16. dchase62
    I am on day 10 of my pre-op and it consists of Protien Shakes, broth, water, jello and tea/coffee non caffeinated. I have dropped 13 pounds.
  17. ssorbet1
    For my prep diet I was told 2 protein shakes for bfast, 2 for lunch, and lean protein (4-6 oz) and non carb vegetable for dinner.
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