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  1. Sh5
    Wondered if I was the only one in this category. Never to late to make life course corrections!
    Would really like to hear from others who face this surgery challenge at this life stage.
  2. judge52
    No u aren,tithe only one. Clout the over 60 groups. A lot of great info on those sites. I am 61 and scheduled for surgery late Aug/early Sept. all test completed and just waiting to be fit into the surgeons sch

    The process seems long and excessive but well worth it because it helps insure a safe and successful surgery. I initially thought I was to old for this but the group meetings will give u the opportunity to meet others who have gone thru the process and in your age group. Read and research as much as u can. Look at actual surgeries. Get an experienced Dr and u wii be fine.

    Best wishes
  3. Survivor
    I am 59. I had surgery 1/10/13 and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I have lost 75 pounds but have gained more things than I can list.
  4. skowron5
    I am going to be 64 and glad to see some elders that are doing this too. I was wondering if I am too old, but I am on so much medicine for pain because the extra weight on my joints that I know I have to do this. The meds I am on now that are helping my pain make me talk all the time. I have to do this to get off these silly meds.
  5. Marlene57brown
    Hi everyone,
    I am 58 and was sleeved August 12th and happy to have had this done. At a frustrating stall for 2 weeks. I think my scale moved half a pound but tomorrow will tell. I can't help it but I want to weigh myself daily. Hope everyone is having a good day. Marlene
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