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Slower weight loss over 40?

  1. sljt68
    Does anyone notice or know if weight loss is slower over 40 than the younger folks. I know several people who had surgery after me and have lost much more weight. I am not sure if it's an age difference or just my body going thru it's changes. I have lost 38 lbs since my surgery in March, but have stalled several times. Any advise or information out there on this?
  2. Rebthacker
    Im going on 45 this year, and Im out 2 mths and Ive lost 38 lbs
  3. drisner
    Our bodies heal slower and exercise is harder for us, so we have to work harder, but as long as we do the work, we should lose at a good pace.
  4. ozzi69
    I guess it's also an individual body type, but exercise contributes a lot.
    Stalls are normal and the scales will give in if you persist. I'm obsessed with running
    And some of my jogging partners beg me to slow down or have a break after five kms.
    Some of them are twenty years younger. So age plays a role, but so do practice and attitude.
    Good luck!
  5. Michellelynn1236
    IDK, I felt I was doing well the first 6 months but has since stalled at 198 since May It is frustrating, I have lost over 70 pounds since September 17 surgery but need to figure out what is going on to jump start this again...

    Maybe age , IDk I will be 42 in September
  6. vegasgirl
    I have lost 85 in 9 months. I'm 43 and reached my goal of 155. I would have stall for about two weeks than a big loss. Now i'm saving my pennies for plastics! Go to my page and see the before and afters.
  7. Froo72
    I believe everyone's body is different and so will respond differently to surgery, to exercise, to calorie deficit, etc. no matter what your age. Also the heavier people (like me) traditionally (but not always) lose more and lose faster. There are so many factors to consider and the human body, as we have seen with our prior weight loss attempts, can have a mind of its own. I don't think anyone knows for certain what causes our bodies to react the way they do.
  8. sljt68
    Thanks everyone for your feedback! I know the exercise and diet is key. Thanks for you input!
  9. NewMeBy50
    Great topic... thanks for all the replies because I was wondering the same thing.
  10. Italynette
    Hi there, great topic!
    I'm 46 and I'm a little over a month out and have lost 29. My personal opinion is I think at least for a woman obviously our bodies are definitely going through some hormonal changes and I think that will affect the speed of our loss.
    Perimenopause starts for some of us in our forties and that will change your metabolism .
    If the concern starts to grow I would definitely reach out to both your bariatric surgeon and your Ob-Gyn.

    Hope this helps

    God Speed on your endeavors
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