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Lovin my new life.

  1. Chasman
    I get asked by people if I regret the surgery, because they think I can't eat.

    I have no regrets other than I didn't do this sooner.

    I went from a pre surgery weight of 283 pounds down to 170 pounds in 5 months, then stabilized and dropped to 160 over the next 6 months and have stayed there ever since.

    My goal weight was supposed to be 180 pounds, a weight I thought I would never see again.

    The feeling of being able to breath, and tie my shoes without feeling as if I am going to pass out, is amazing. The only real problem is that I had to buy a new wardrobe. Thank goodness for thrift stores.
    My pants size went from (48-30 loose fit to 30-30 slim fit) and shirts went from a (1x to a Medium)

    Good luck,
  2. peach-cake
    Congrats, Charles!
  3. AnnieT
    Whoo hoo! Your success is wonderful. May you continue your healthful journey. What is your favorite exercise now?
  4. nana banana
    nana banana
    Thanks for sharing Charles!
  5. nana banana
    nana banana
    Thanks for sharing Charles!
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