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Is it possible to be in this size group and not have a lot of loose skin?

  1. middlechild31
    I am so hoping it cvan happen. I am 45 in July so I am not young. Hoping you guys have some tips.
  2. abequa2000
    im 57 had band 3 years ago the sleeve 19 april 2013 started at 268 with band and 201 with sleeve im now 182
  3. NicoleH
    I am 165 now, I started at 252. I do Zumba and toning every week. I have some loose skin but it is tightening up. You will have to work
    for it, but chances are there will be some. But like I said, if you work for it you won't have a lot. I am 43. Good luck!
  4. middlechild31
    Thank you, I will be working hard. No money for cosmetics. I do have have my 2 feet to walk and lots of videos, including Zumba!
  5. Lucy61
    I am 51, I was 222 and am 5'5", now 6 months out I'm 165, and my tummy is slowly catching up, I can see it firming up more, and with clothes on you don't notice any extra skin at all. It's more like a little pouch at the bottom of my tummy that I think by 1 yr out it will be more than fine and a lot better than I had hoped for. PS - I am a active, but don't do regular exercise.
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