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Small successes--big happy feelings

  1. AnnieT
    After YEARS of not being able to cross my legs (unless I was very unlady-like and somewhat contorted) I was able to cross my legs while sitting. OK--crossed legs are not great for circulation but it is wonderful to have that option again! Interesting how the smallest things can bring great personal satisfaction. What good things have happened for you?
  2. vickybeads
    Buying my first pair of size 12 pants since my Air Force days......not looking 20 lbs heavier when pictures are taken.....
  3. smcd23
    That's awesome!! I'm excited to sit with my knees against my chest lol so silly but I haven't been ale to do that for like 15 years
  4. Mlg1948
    I understand exactly how it feels to be able to cross my legs and do it "lady-like". Like you said, it is a little thing to most women but to me it is amazing!
  5. annabel
    I have a small list:
    1. crossing my legs like a lady and not with my ankle on my knee
    2. fastening the seat belt on the plane
    3. being able to sit comfortably in a booth in a restaurant -- the table is not pushed to my chest
    4. buying size 16 pants -- not since high school
    5. being able to get on my knees to look under the bed without having to call Casey & Hayes to get back up --
    6. being able to slip between a person's knees and the seat in front at the theatre
    7. that is enough for now
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