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Has your A1c improved after surgery?

  1. curlyme
    I have not had surgery yet..
    Possibly in two months...I am diabetic type 2...I need to lose at least 75 pounds....has your sugars gotten better?

    Please share...thankx
  2. dshyre1047
    Since I had surgery 2 weeks ago it's to early to tell. I just starting to eat mushy foods and my sugars are much lower but most of the day I just drink liquids. I will keep u posted as I start eating more foods
  3. Blessed1
    I had my surgery 12/31/12 and I have not had a shot since leaving the hospital. I was an insulin dependent Type 2. They have gone to great length to make sure I understand I am still a diabetic. I do still take Metformin twice a day. Pre surgery, my A1c was 8.1..At then end of the first month, it was 6.2. The surgery "resets" things or something because the difference came before any significant weight loss. I still do sugar free things and always will. I will have labs drawn again in about 3 weeks and I'll let you know what the numbers are. Best wishes to you and congrats on your decision to have the surgery!
  4. curlyme
    Wow! This is great to hear you guys! I keep thinking is the surgery REALLY gonna help my diabetes? With what you are sharing with me tells me YES of course the surgery will help...yay!

    Currently my meds include... metformin 1000 mg 2x day, glipizide 5mg 2x a day, NPH insulin 5 units in the am and 10 units in the pm and levothyroxine for hypothyroidism....I so ready to get off these meds!! I would trade these meds for the vitamins we gotta take everyday!!

    Also, once i started to take my thyroid meds and insulin I noticed my abdomen felt like it got larger more fatty....UGH...why can't meds have good side effects! Boo!

    Thanks for sharing your story!
  5. RBean
    I am also on metformin 2x day. And took me off my throid meds. I have not had my surgery yet (May 1st).
    I was band in Dec 2010, had a few problems,I have a 10cc band with no fluids in it hope it would be remove on the 1st of May and will get sleeve at that time.
  6. joanaheter
    That is awesome to hear...I have been type II for many years of course I take insulin...I am hoping that after my surgery I will be able to get off the insulin at least...I know that right now I am watching what I eat and I take less than what I used to..
  7. stcoleman323
    Yes! Still a diabetic though. I feel shaky when my surgar levels get low. Almost daily.
  8. Blessed1
    Pre surgery my insulin regime was by a sliding scale. Depending on what my numbers were pre-meal and what I was going to eat, I took a shot. My base was 18 units Novolog no matter what. Could be more, never less. Some days and some meals I would take as much as 24 units before food went in my mouth. At night (8p.m.) I would again stick my finger to see what my numbers were. I took 50 units of Lantus and then depending on the number, I would also take a shot of Novolog. 3 years ago I began experiencing Neuropathy, Retinopathy, High Blood Pressure....I must be honest and tell you, knowing that within 5 years I had a 90% chance of being blind. I would not be a candidate for the laser surgery until the worst of the damage was done because of the spot where the "aneurisms" were located. That is when the decision to have surgery was made without any more hesitation. While in the hospital, I received 2 shots. Both were the day of surgery and only 2 units. With all the checks through the night and the next morning before my surgeon came in, I did not require any insulin. I have not had a shot since leaving the hospital New Year's Day. I do still take Metformin. I was on 1,000 twice a day, but that was cut to 500 twice a day. I have actually experienced a few lows! I am indeed blessed and grateful. I went into this for health reasons and my prayers have been answered in abundance.
  9. lar26r
    That is so great for everyone. I too am hoping to get down to at least 3 shots a day and not my 5 and 70 to 80 units each time. I unfortunately am a Type 1 since a kid and I've always had it under control until the last 4 years.
  10. deray74
    I was on an insulin pump being fed a high dose of insulin 27\7. At my worst I was taking up to 1500 units of insulin a day and with my diabetes under control I was still taking around 100 units a day. Before surgery my A1C was a 7.6 and three months later my A1C is now 5.3. That's the lowest I've ever had it. I am now weaning myself off of insulin and now I only take 10 units of insulin twice daily. I stopped using the pump the day of my surgery. I still have to watch the amount of sugar I take in but I notice that my body processes the sugar I eat better and faster now.
  11. Gaileen
    I am 3 months out. I still take 20 u Lantus daily, but my doc thinks it will continue to get better. My AIC has gone from 11.9 to 8.9 so I am happy with the results so far. I was soooo out of control that it may take a bit for me to get to meds only, but I'm working on it.
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