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Nice to meet ya!

  1. rn4kids
    I just joined this site and group. I am 45. I am married to a very supportive man who can eat whatever he pleases and not gain a pound!!! I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter who is thin as can be!
    I got a lap band in Aug '09. i lost 134 lbs. It had to be removed in Aug 2012 because it prolapsed and honestly it was probably because i didnt follow the rules. In those last 8 months i have "oh so easily" gained back 84 of those pounds.I am now schedule for April 9th to have my VSG and am so excited.
    I am currently on my 2 week liquid diet and am dying! Cant believe i put myself thru this again. It will be worth it though. I can only have protein shakes, non carbonated diet drinks, broth, sugar free jello and sugar free popsicles.
    Cant wait to get to know you guys!
  2. 50Faye50
    Welcome! Best of luck on your journey - God Bless!
  3. shasha104
    Welcome & Good luck to you!!
  4. dranga1
    Best wishes on your journey
  5. rn4kids
  6. Michellelynn1236
    Nice to meet you and Best of luck on this new chapter in your journey!
  7. Sharita
    It's all worth it in the end hang in there !
  8. rn4kids
    Thanjs everyone!
  9. MissouriJen
    Welcome! You are so close now.... congrats!
  10. sleeve326
    Hello, my fellow "The New 20 Sleevers". I am 8 days post op and so excited. I am doing well. My only problem are the leg cramps and that is something I experienced before the sleeve per lack of mag and potassium when I was dieting? I am trying to get it under control. Again hello and so excited.
  11. Tina27
    Welcome and good luck. It is so worth it!
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