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  1. Eileen123
    I am just excited to be having surgery on April 29th. I know being on this gastric sleeve forum, I've noticed alot of people that go out of state to get sleeved. So I just wanted to say congrats to you all, and to all of us here in the states and in L.A where I'm from. If you read this, please join and let me know where you will be having your surgery. Thanks all!
  2. *Amy*
    Hi Eileen123,

    I too will be having my surgery in LA... I am just in the begining process... and will be consulting with Dr. Korman soon. Congrats and good luck in this new amazing journey.... *Amy*
  3. Eileen123
    Oh, thats great! I'm already scheduled for surgery the end of April. I cant wait! Dr Korman was really easy to talk to when I met him. The staff was pretty nice too. So Im just getting my final paperwork done for my work (HR) dept. Sent the medical clearance into Dr Kormans office so waiting for them to fill everything out and send back to HR. The only thing is, when you fax or email something to their office, wait a bit, then make sure to call the office back to make sure they recieved everything. Sometimes it seem's as though papers go different places and they seem to not get them. But otherwise I'm happy I'm doing the surgery with Dr. Korman and looking on to my better brighter future as you will be too!
  4. Barb S
    Barb S
    Dr Korman performed my gastric sleeve 3/11/2013 at the Marina de Rey Hospital. Great experience! I live about 2 hours north of LA so when I have an appointment they are aware of the distance and try to get as much done for me as possible during the visit.
  5. Eileen123
    Thats just great of them to help you out in that way. So Barb S, I have a couple of more questions for you. Did you have to have a drain in you after surgery? If so, for how long? Also on the pre-op diet, was it really Just Protein shakes for the 2nd half of the week & water? Or could you have like clear broth and jello? I've been reading on this site how different peoples pre-op diets are so I was wondering if I'd be starving or if I'd be ok. Also how long did you have to stay in the hospital before going home? I hope you dont mind answering all these question's but I so want to have as much information that I possibly can have before going in for my sleeve. Thanks a bunch!
  6. *Amy*
    Hi Eileen, I have an appt to meet with Dr. Korman Friday 4/12/13. I was wondering how fast did you get your surgery date. I am glad your journey thus far has been great and expect the post op is even better. Thanks Barb S for sharing your experince. This process is not easy but, hearing others stories and experience helps ease one's fears and worries. Thank you!!!
  7. Eileen123
    Well I had went to his siminar a month before meeting with Dr Korman for the first time one on one. When I got my authorization form to make an appointment with Dr Korman, I had called tho office and they told me about the siminars and said they have one every month and that I would have to attend one before or after meeting with him, but it had to be dont before surgery. So I think I actually went to one like 2 weeks before my appt. It just told you about the different types of surgerys. Now by the time I had my appt w/ Dr K. I was unsure if I wanted the sleeve or the bypass. But after speaking with him, I decided on the sleeve. Do to the fact that he said that the difference in weight loss between the two were minamal. That it depended on that person and their choices on there eating and excersizing habits afterwards. So he told me I needed to get a phyc eval & with my insurance, I couldnt do it their with Blue cross of CA, I had to go to an outside one with a referral. I also needed to schedule an upper GI. I had already been meeting with a nutritionist like twice already and had another appt with her later the same month. So I met with the phyc then had my upper GI , well the upper GI first the met with my phyc, then by the next month Dr Kormans office called me and said that they got the athorization and can schedule me a surgery appt. So within a month after completing everything on my part. Now im scheduled for April 29th, about 3 weeks to go! I cant wait! Good luck on your continued journey! Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.
  8. Barb S
    Barb S
    Eileen123 I had no drains. I woke up with my IV and 5 small incisions that had been closed with surgical glue. I was sore after my procedure for a few days, but other than that I have not had any negative problems.
  9. Barb S
    Barb S
    Eileen123 I was discharged around noon the following day. You have to have an upper GI done to make sure there are no leaks, The also have you drink a protein drink and make sure you keep it down before they let you go.
  10. Eileen123
    Oh great. Well my day is almost here. April 29th! I'm just waiting for that date to come because I'm starving!!! But it will be here before I know it. I had my pre op class on Monday the 22nd, so they told me no drains and what to expect. So hopefully I will do good with the upper GI afterwards like you said barb. Thanks for the info!
  11. Eileen123
    Hello there,

    I am on my 4th week post op and feel just as normal as I did before surgery. I never had any pain or nausea. Was able to sleep on my stomache right away and shower. In fact came back to work after just 2 weeks off because I need to get paid, and since I have no problems, I thought why not. Now I notice that I have slowed down on my water intake like maybe getting in only maybe 26-28 to maybe even 30 oz during the day and evening. I also noticed I've only lost like 3 lbs since surgery. Not a good feeling. But I'm hoping once I regulate and get to eat normally again, of course in smaller portions, that the weight will start falling off. Well, wish me luck!
  12. Eileen123
    Well, I'm finally under 300!!!! Im happy for that. In my head, I'm still thinking this is like before when I've lossed weight and always seem to put it back on. Except now I have this great tool that I hope I will use properly. I really have to get on the ban wagon and really make it a point to work out my treadmill again with walking and running. I know the pounds will start falling off more if I did that. I'm ready for a great New Me!
  13. *Amy*
    Hi Ladies, So glad your journey has been a great one.. I hope my experince is overall similar to yours... I have yet to be approved but if or when I am ..Dr. Korman will be doing my surgery... your feed back has helped me keep a positive outlook in this process. I am well on my way to my last dietician appt. next week 6/6 I am pretty happy that soon enough I will be in the waiting for an approval stage. I wanted to ask how was your experience at the hospital as well as surgery? Was the procedure laparscopic (one incision) ... any information shared is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!
  14. Sugarbratt
    Hello All,
    Newby here... My names Jenn and I too and a patient of Dr Kormans. I had my surgery 07/01/2013 and I had complications that were unforeseen and by no means Dr Kormans fault. He was in fact great! 1 week after surgery I had lost 21LBS! However I was so sick... He put me back into the hospital! I was there for 3 weeks! It was crazy but I managed to recover and now down 66lbs as of today just 6 1/2 months later AND own it all to Dr. Korman! He is amazing and I am truly blessed to call him my doctor. It's nice to meet you all and look forward to hearing more about your journey.
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