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  1. Zeekecavaricci

    Preoperative clear liquid diets help clear the bowels of stool prior to bariatric surgery. Called a bowel prep, the procedure requires taking a strong laxative such as magnesium citrate or an enema the day before surgery to evacuate the bowels of stool. To prevent forming new stool, patients drink only low-residue, clear liquids. An effective bowel prep helps to prevent contamination during surgery and to rest the bowel after the procedure.

    Time Frame

    Surgeons' instructions vary, but generally patients begin the clear liquid diet one or two days before the scheduled procedure. In some surgical practices, you may drink any type of liquid until noon on the day before surgery and begin only clear liquids after lunch, according to the University of Wisconsin. In others, you are required to start your clear liquid cleansing diet 3 days, 5 days, 10 days or 14 days before surgery. In others, you begin clear liquids at breakfast on the day before surgery. Stop drinking fluids at midnight unless instructed to take your medications with a sip of water. After surgery, you follow the same diet according to your surgeon's instructions.

    Clear Liquid Guidelines

    Clear liquids are non-dairy fluids that cause minimal residue in the digestive tract, according to Lillian Craggs-Dino, R.D., in a diet manual published by the Cleveland Clinic. A clear solid, such as gelatin or Popsicles, also qualifies as a clear liquid. Bariatric surgery patients must limit clear liquids to those containing no sugar or caffeine in preparation for postoperative eating patterns. Drink as much as you like of the clear liquids, at least 64 oz. during the day. Do not add fruit or other solids to any of your liquids.

    Permitted Liquids

    Select a variety of sugar-free clear liquids at varying temperatures to avoid boredom on the diet. Permissible cold fluids include water, either plain or flavored with a sugar-free drink mix; Diet Snapple; diet iced tea; Propel; sugar-free lemonade; and flavored, sugar-free bottled water, according to Craggs-Dino. Hot clear liquids include caffeine-free tea, broth and clear consomme, any flavor. Clear solids include sugar-free gelatin and Popsicles. Unless otherwise instructed, you may also drink clear liquid protein supplements, including New Whey, Nectar, Isopure, Enlive or Resource to boost your protein intake. If your surgeon permits juices, limit them to those without pulp such as apple or grape, according to the University of Wisconsin.

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    Article reviewed by Tina Boyle Last updated on: May 3, 2011
    Read more: Clear Liquid Diet To Prepare For Bariatric Surgery | LIVESTRONG.COM
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    Liquid Diet Before Bariatric Surgery
    All patients are required to start a Liquid Diet 2 weeks before their surgery date. Following this diet will not only jump start weight loss but will also help reduce the size of your liver making the procedure easier to perform and thus more successful.
    During this time it is important to include a protein shake multiple times daily to help ensure good nutritional status prior to surgery. Aim for a goal of ~ 60-80 grams of protein per day obtained from your protein shake. It would also be beneficial to add a general multivitamin and calcium supplement as a safety net in meeting basic nutrient needs. While swallow form of supplements will be acceptable long-term, initially chewable forms are recommended for optimal digestion and absorption.
    The list below provides recommended liquids and supplements considered acceptable during this 2 week time.
    Clear Liquids
    Diluted Juices (fruit or vegetable)
    Broth Based Soups
    Gatorade or Generic Equivalent
    Flavored water
    Unsweetened Tea
    Crystal Light
    Sugar Free Beverages

    Protein Shakes
    There are many protein shake varieties on the market that would be acceptable prior to surgery. After surgery the list will narrow. Feel free to enjoy your preferred kind until that time. Here a few varieties that would be appropriate:
    EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control
    Slim Fast Low Carb
    Atkins Shake
    Boost Glucose Control
    Carnation Instant Breakfast
    (no sugar added)

    Centrum Chewables
    One-A-Day Maximum
    Flinstones Complete
    Chewable Mega Teen Multivitamin (GNC)
    Calcium with Vitamin D
    Citracal Creamy Bites
    Twin Labs Chewable Calcium Citrate
    Bluebonnet Liquid Calcium Citrate
    Solaray Calcium Citrate Wafers
    Bariatric Advantage Chewy Bites Citrate
    Thank you for this very valuable information
  3. Denn
    Thanks, I was told to only do a five day pre-op diet, but I am going to try to do ten days (to make sure I have a small liver) and one week before that with mostly liquids and small meals. Your information here and in previous articles has been great. I do have a question, I have a three year- birth control impant in my upper left arm- would this pose any kind of hinderance- for IV's or anything else. I don't want to get it taken out because it has worked really well for me, but any advice is appreciated, thanks
  4. pkdavis
    I'm all clear liquids for my pre-op diet. For protein, I'm drinking Whey Isolate. Today is day 3. I think I can make it.
  5. mgreen
    I have my surgery next Thursday, the 27th. I am getting a little bit of leg mostly foot cramps. I have had pacreatitis from insulin and it would get severe with an attack. Cannot take injectable insulin, by mouth for now due to crystalization. My question is...no bananas, so is G2 Gatoraide ok?
    Goodluck on your upcoming surgery mgreen I have mine the same day
  7. Ms. S
    Ms. S
    I begin my 14 day pre-op diet today- 3 protein shakes & sm. salad w/protein & was curious if it would be ok to have coffee this morning (black w/stevia).
  8. Ms. S
    Ms. S
    Thanks Zeekecavaricci, just read the article you posted-no caffeine is the answer. Thanks for taking the time to post valuable info!
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