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Should I care about judgement - or am I too sensitive?

  1. 50Faye50
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the group. Extremely excited and nervous! My sleeve surgery is scheduled for 3/21. I have only disclosed my plans to a select few family members and close friends. I have found that those who don't comprehend what carrying this amount of weight and the struggle to lose it means, tend to be the most judgemental. I don't care about the judgement - but don't want to hear the opinions of those who can't relate. Anyone else feel this way - or is just unneccesary sensitivity? Thank God for this site! I will continue to read for daily support, information and encouragement. Blessings to all!
  2. liloleme
    Hello, I had my surgery 1/9/13 (30 pounds lost) and only told a couple of folks. Just not interested in hearing opinions of those who don't have to walk in this body. No I don't think you are being extra sensitive. I find those in the struggle for weight loss and are still married to non-surgical methods are just THAT, married to the idea of weight loss as being done in that manner. My time here on this earth is entirely too short to listen to others on how I should be losing weight. In the end, what does it matter how you got where you're at as long as you are healthier for it? I will say 8 weeks out it is well worth the journey. Best on your journey!
  3. LadyA
    I have told a select few as far as family, friends, co workers, church members etc. I don't think its everyone's business. As long as the people who need to know, know I'm ok. Like your parents, siblings, spouse, and kids if they are old enougg to understand. Good luck!
  4. shortcakesmr
    You are definitely NOT being sensitive. My surgery is scheduled for March 28 and I have only told my ONE of my best friends (all my closest friends live out of state), mother and my coworkers. I've only had one person say negative comments and she is severely overweight and therefore I know it is jealousy and ignorance.
  5. vmbayne
    I didnt want to hear the negative comments or even the comments of close family members who truly mean well. I had the lapband done in 2008 and I had to hear negative comments from family members that it didn't work, so this time I only told one of my three sisters, my fiance' and one friend who had the Gastric Bypass surgery and could relate. I have lost over 45lbs and look totally different and if I don't lose another pound I will be ok with it because I look and feel great and everyone who haven't seen me in the last few months tell me how good I look and all of them want to know what I did! Well, I just tell them eating right, small portions and exercise, which is the truth. It's not everyone's business even most family members! The sleeve will become your best friend and will completely change your relationship with food for the good because now I can eat whatever I want, but just in small portions and I'm still losing weight. The most important thing is that my PCP has taken me off both my High Blood Pressure medications!This is a very personal decision and I would only tell the people that NEED to know. Good Luck on your surgery and God Bless You!
  6. trinalovespeace
    i told my husband..and a friend( is should ONLY told my husband) my friend she told her entire FAMILY.. I just wanted to do it for me. So if you do not want any one to know do not tell any one.. MAYBE your HUBBY..for my spill on it.
  7. kenya
    Hello everyone I only told my family in my household two friends and 3-4 coworkers. I didn't tell other family members because they will be judgemental and I don't want to snap out and hurt their feelings because I will. My health and life is only for me to judge and noone else including my husband!
  8. licia
    I know for me personally I've only told a small handful of people..my husband knew from day one when I attended the seminar. My older brother knew because I'd mention it to him years ago after my second knee accident, and my Mom was told only when I got approved for surgery and then showed her some YouTube videos about the procedure because I knew she'd have a million and 2 reasons why I shouldn't do it and just exercise myself to death like on the Biggest Loser...lol. All in all those are the 3 people who will know for a very long time. Family, friends and staff see my weight loss and I simply accept their compliments and stay silent on the underlining truth on what's really helping the weight finally come off. So I say it's nobody's business how you're losing your weight as long as you're healthy and happy in the process. I know one day I will be judged on my method of weight loss by someone at some time...oh well! I'm a tough cookie on the outside but still human and sensitive. I say go with your heart and let that guide who you tell.
  9. ayoung
    I only told my husband, both of my kids (21,16) and my mom and step dad. I know my family and my in laws and I definitely didn't want any one of them in my business. I had my hiatal hernia repaired so that was my excuse to anyone why I went into the hospital. Honestly I didn't care who knew, I just didn't want to be their conversation piece while having dinner. Congratulations!
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