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Trouble seeing the new you?

  1. AGQQD1
    Is anyone else having a hard time seeing the "new you?" I'm still seeing the old me when I look in the mirror... I had to find before /after pics (which I finally posted) to give myself some perspective. Just curious if anyone else struggles with this?

    I notice the obvious things like buying different sizes clothes (was a 22/24 - now a large top & 14 jeans in just 4 months!) The clothes are exciting, I just want to see what others see (I think lol)
  2. ACE
    That is a very normal thing to happen. I am starting now to see the major changes in myself and that requires me squishing my extra skin into a body shaper and wearing form fitting clothing. Being a stay at home mom this isnt much of a dress code issue like it can be for others But I find I have to see myself all the time so I have three wall sized mirrors in my house and there are mirrors in every room of some size because if I dont constantly see it my brain tries to tell me I am still big. I also take tons of pictures of myself even if no one but me is seeing them it helps me realize how much I have changed. I also tape a pic of the heaviest pic I have of me to one mirror so i have to acknolege the changes because my brain will try to focus on the parts of me i still am not too thrilled with and I will start criticizing myself for not having worked harder since surgery to firm up my belly and thighs. This is a huge mental game you have to play and you are retraining your brain to see reality which can seem scary at times and I think that is why I have anxiety attacks at times now but I am learning to get over those.
    I hope you find something that can help you see the new you because once you start seeing it and believing it, it really helps boost your self esteem
  3. AGQQD1
    Great idea about forcing yourself to see it with mirrors - something I always avoid. I think it is a mind game... Maybe cause it happens so quickly? Either way, it's frustrating! I have avoided pictures for so long that it was hard to find a "before" - it's a huge regret of mine as far as documenting this journey - no points of reference. Thanks for your input and helping me realize I'm not alone!
  4. Cathys12006
    I have lost 52 and see little changes but thats all .
  5. SaguaroSanctuary
    Totally agree with all the above. My husband is constantly telling me I look gorgeous and sexy but I don't view myself that way. Our self image of our former selves has been there for such a long time, that we need to give ourselves little reminders, like the mirrors. I'm constantly looking at myself in the mirror - in disbelief mainly. I'm 13mths out and in 1 weeks time, I'll be having my full tummy tuck. Getting rid of the tyre and having a flat tummy - WOW I can't remember EVER having a washboard flat tummy!! I'm really excited about the Surgery as this will end my weightloss journey. If your new here, read my blog, it may help you too - I hope so. Think about how easy it is to get in and out of a lounge chair and bed. Walking up and down the stairs without losing your breath. Walking with a spring in your step, stepping onto the scales (take photos of the reading). Step into ONE LEG of your favourite shorts! Create a 'coffee table' book about your journey. It's the only way you can change that image you have of yourself. Acccept compliments - you deserve it!!! I'm still trying to do this - it is hard though. I'm currently learning (via you tube) how to apply lovely makeup for my age. It's fun and I'm sure I will get my confidence back eventually. This journey is ALL ABOUT YOU!!! - I wish you sincerest best wishes and enjoy the ride - you deserve it, Sharon
  6. christinae85
    I think every woman, no matter her size, has this self sabotaging inner monologue & it's all in how you cope with that. I'm in the process of getting my surgery confirmed so I'm still at my glorious 260lbs (-_-) that are literally weighing my life down. I have my days where I'm burdened by worrying how I look; it creeps into my head AT LEAST twice a day really, depending on how busy I am. lol However I believe you have to focus on your positives! No one is perfect! Even the girl that people think looks amazing, has the same self-conscious inner monologue about some personal feature that bugs her. It's something that is just inherently inside every woman's mind & it's annoying as all get out!

    I ENVY your 70lb weight loss! You're an amazing role model now. You've done a wonderful thing for your health & happiness; you should be proud! I know from experience that me even at my lightest years ago (160!), I had NO CLUE how thin I was! I look back at pictures & think, "Oh my God, why didn't I FEEL as thin as I was?!" I didn't even notice the weight coming back with vengeance because of it. That's why you need to face this negative demon head on & good for you for recognizing it!

    For me, when the time comes, I know that just accepting that this size is how I was & NOT who I am will make all the difference.
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