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The scale moved!

  1. megs
    After 5 days at the same weight I finally lost 1 1/2lbs! I started on pepcid yesterday and was able to drink all of my water. I was getting so frustrated I had been weighing myself multiple times a day. Wow I really needed that! I had to post because I was too excited not to tell anyone.
  2. 5stars
  3. bluiz77
    What a great feeling! Congrats!
  4. Lissy
    I know the pain! I have been the same weight for days at the same time I've been really nauseas and weak. I am feeling better today so far but it's so frustrating to not be able to eat or drink much of anything and yet not lose any weight. Good to hear your news, hopefully the same will happen to me!
  5. Michellelynn1236
  6. megs
    Thanks everyone!
  7. SaguaroSanctuary
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!! This happens during your journey. It was described to me in this way. It's like walking up/down stairs, you go so far, then you have to stop and rest (Leveling out) and then you go again. Just keep focussed, take photos of your mini milestones and enjoy the journey. Sharon
  8. Sonyao
    You go girl!!!!
  9. lakegirl
    Congrats!!! keep going forward
  10. Lissy
    Good job! I think my stall has finally passed too. In the five days I haven't lost any weight but actually gained a pound. I hit my three week mark last Thursday and from everything I read that the three week stall is normal. Also at 3,6,9 month mark. It's just our bodies adjusting to the new way of life. I was super nauseas and week Monday and Tuesday. I bought those patches and been taking anti-nausea meds and on Wednesday I was able to get all my fluids in and almost all yesterday. I moved from water to gatoraid and coupled with the meds I got my body hydrated and nutrition and electrolytes. Anyway, I woke up this morning and not only did I lose the pound I gained, I lost another pound. Yay!

    I've been keeping track of my weight loss on a app and even though I felt stalled last week I still lost 2.6lbs which is more the Any other diet.

    What I read and experienced the three week stall it is the hardest. We lose a lot of weight and then it stops and we think that even this surgery wasn't going to work. Plus, we are eating weird things and emotionally and physically we are still recovering from surgery so er are exhausted.

    Just to share! Isn't it awesome to get the movement on the scale.
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