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PCOS and Weight Loss

  1. Necie
    After getting the sleeve, did you still experience pretty decent weight loss? Or did you seem to have to work a little harder than most people?
  2. Binks
    I'm interested in hearing the answer to the above question too. I was diagnosed after years of being misdiagnosed at 32. I just had the surgery last week and I am scared that I will experience the same plateau patterns as before. Its hard to keep spirits up when doctors tell you to lose weight, but oh, by the way, it will take you 4 times the exercise to lose that pound than everyone else.
  3. A new Beginning
    A new Beginning
    I have my surgery 1/20/12 and have PCOS as well. I am also curious about the weight loss.
  4. JenNewLife
    I'm assuming since PCOS is our issue that we need to follow a low carb diet... did you guys hear anything else?
  5. michelle12178
    i am going to GYN for my annual exam is there anything i should tell her about me having surgery. this is my first since i had it done!
  6. GSBarbee
    I have PCOS and I have to work out for 1 1/2 hours of intense cardio, 5 times/week to lose weight, all while sting only 700 calories...which basically means I am getting zero - 100 calories /day. My weight loss is averaging about 15 lbs per month..but I know that will slow sooner than later....Our bodies are our worst enemy!! We have to be prepared and eat low carb and exercise more than a non PCOS woman.
    I just keep fighting....I've come too far not to fight for myself!!!
  7. stephanie81
    I have PCOS and I was diagnosed at 16 I am now 31. I was sleeved on 02/15th 25 days ago and I have lost 26 lbs so far. I am hoping that this allows me to lose weight. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember and another thing I have noticed so far is I am already starting my period again sorry if TMI but I normally only had two sometimes three times total a year so I think with all the body changes that may occur much more often until my weight stabilizes or maybe it will become normal....... who knows
  8. N2DVN
    I'm 2 months post-op and have noticed significant improvements in my PCOS symptoms. My endo actually says that I am no longer insulin resistant, which goes along w/my hubby and OB/GYN both pointing out that the discoloration in my privates has almost completely gone away. My weightloss so far has been 50 pounds. I am SO excited! Good Luck to everyone! Praying we all can kick our PCOS symptoms to the curb.
  9. Sbrandenburg05
    I am at 6 months after my surgery and I have lost a total of 83 lbs. That is a decent amount but I am starting to notice a plateau of the weight coming off as fast as it did. I am also having different days where I do not eat or take in calories as much as some other days. It is hard sometimes to completely keep up with the right amount of calories and protein. I work at it still, but I find that I am not hungry. I still feel like that things are moving it is just slower... faster than before the surgery but slower than right after.
  10. VSGOct2011
    11 months, approx 115-120 lbs gone. Weight loss has slowed, but still going in a downward direction. PCOS remedied, periods normal!
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