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I am having a difficult time drinking and the scale is stuck

  1. megs
    I just had surgery (2-15) and I am on clear liquids. The 1st week, no problem I was drinking a lot, but I haven't been able to since Friday. Also since Friday I have been stuck at 260, is lack of fluid the reason? I just can't drink anything, I have been forcing myself. I can only drink water and a little bit of protein crystal light like stuff from the doc. The thought of anything else food like (Popsicles, jello, or broth) and that I am supposed to start eating on 3-1, makes me sick. Last week all I wanted was food now I feel like I never want to eat again. Yet I can't seem to loose any more weight. I am so frustrated!
  2. HopeFaith
    I hit many many stalls, don't be discouraged. As far as not getting your liquids in, please call your doctor. No one can substitute the advise of your doctor. Drinking has never been an issue for me; Chike, broth, water (my favorite), decaf tea, lots of variety with protein shakes/drinks. I also get to the point where I can't eat anything due to my stomach (feels like it is churning); I can eat pickle spears when that happens. I have gone to bed with nothing but pickle spears for dinner. My doctor gave me patches (behind the ear) before surgery, he said to put them on and it will resolve the issue. I haven't though - I don't mind not feeling like eating (bad advise from me, sorry). For me, if I am pushing the liquids and protein drinks I lose weight (I learned this after too many stalls); then if I just walk for exercise it is an added bonus - I lose even more.

    There are few things to consider; get your liquids in, get your protein in, walk, look at your calories. If you are not getting enough calories your body will go into starvation mode.

    As for only getting in a bit of liquid, sips are fine - but you will need to sip ALL day. Welcome to the losers bench.
  3. HopeFaith
    I went from band to sleeve on 12/28/12 - I am not a pro at this at all, I fall and get back up - this will be a lot of work. Good Luck!

    DO NOT eat pickle spears - you're still in clear fluids mode (I was just trying to relate).
  4. Lissy
    I had my surgery on feb 7 and I was doing better last week before I started soft food. I'm not getting enough in so I'm back to protein shakes and juice and the weight is coming off again. If you are not eating and drinking enough you will make yourself sick which will in turn make you nauseas and not be able to take in the liquids and proteins we need. I would call your doctor and see if maybe you've become too dehydrated to get yourself rehydrated and maybe need some Iv fluids. Either way I would call your doctor to see what he says. Good luck.
  5. megs
    Thank you HopeFaith and Lissy. I guess I feel a little silly calling the doctor. I know what he is going to say, drink more water. I'm getting there, I have had almost 8 ounces in 4 hours which is 1/2 of what I am supposed to have, it could be worse.
  6. HopeFaith
    Keep pushing the fluids megs - you don't want another IV, you will feel better (keep pushing the fluids). Again, I'm not a doctor and don't play one on the internet - just giving my experiences. You will see a weight loss like I did - push the fluids (this includes broth and protein). I am glad I had the surgery during the winter, the warm liquids feel so good going down. Broth, decaf tea, decaf coffee and room temp water. Never ever feel silly about calling your doctor, EVER. We only have one body and one life.
  7. megs
    HopeFaith I called my doctor's office and the nurse basically said the same thing, I have to call them. They think that it is a little bit of acid, even though I haven't felt heartburn. Starting on something today to help. Thanks for the advice
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