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Hair Loss?

  1. shortcakesmr
    I've noticed on the main forum a lot of women talking about thinning hair or hair loss. Has anyone here experienced that? My hair is natural and blown out sometimes and didn't know if this surgery affects African Americans as much as Caucasians due to the thicker/ coarser texture of our hair.
  2. seerphyllis2
    So far I haven't experienced any hair loss. I was on Biotin over a yr prior to getting sleeved. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I also have sista locs
    I am eight months out and I've lost alot of hair which began three months after the surgery. I had to get my shoulder length hair cut into a pixie/Halle Berry cut! Hair loss has to do with your vitamin intake and the rate at which your body sheds the weight. Although I have been on a strict regimen of multi vitamins, with supplements of B12, Biotin, D3, B1 and Thiamin, I still lost my hair. I haven't let it bother me since I am now at my goal weight and the short hair is very complementing to me now!
  4. shortcakesmr
    That's good that you were able to turn into a great look for yourself
  5. Mrs. AKA
    Mrs. AKA
    I have experienced moderate hair loss. My permed hair is thinning! Now I am in micro braids to reduce the chemicals to my poor hair. I'll keep you all informed.
  6. shortcakesmr
    Thanks Mrs. AKA!
  7. Sophotia
    No hair loss for me 7 months out
  8. Big_Luscious863
    Im 4 months out I've noticed thinning in my edges. Now wearing protective styles.
  9. honeybrowneyes
    Oh lord I keep hearing that! My surgery is April 8th and I am going to get micros!
  10. perfectpeace1025
    my surgery was June 2012, I have lost a great deal of hair. I have my hair cut in layers to make it look fuller. I just cannot go natural. I am addicted to the crack perm LOL. My doc tells me to continue to take my vitamins, b12 and vitamins. He said that it would stop falling out by month 9. I just made 9 months March 4th. I just give up being upset about my hair. I am about to go into the spring and the summer looking and feeling good. My hair will one day recover.
  11. Favery3116
    I just had the surgery last Monday. OMG....I can't imagine losing my hair. But, if it does occur then I will be getting a lace front.were you all getting in your protein? I read that can save your hair.
  12. shortcakesmr
    I just had my pre-op nutrtion class on Monday and the dietician stated just get in your protein and start taking biotin a month after surgery and it will definitely help....not a guarantee but helps. She also said it happens more often in bypass patients.
  13. NaturalRadiance
    I am sooooo nervous about losing my hair. I have fine, thin hair naturally and having it thinned anymore is definitely a concern of mine. I understand and have accepted that hair loss after weight loss surgery is just one of the side affects, some people get, some don't. I compare it to medication...there are many side affects to even the most common med like tylenol but when I have a headache, I will pop two in a heartbeat. The benefit of pain relief outweighs the risk of the side affect. So in surgery talk, the benefit of the weight loss is far superior to the risk of the hair loss...so I'll take it.
  14. Phoenixrise
    Hello ladies my mom just told me the most weirdest thing I am curious to know if anyone has heard of this. My mom her hair for someone reason just started breaking off I told her my patients use BIOTIN to make their hair stronger to avoid breakage, and no my mom has not had any surgeries. She told her stylist this and her stylist said she was told to use MONISTAT 7 and SULFUR 8 to stop the hair from breakage and promote growing. The stylist said it does work her own daughter uses it. I do remember my friends niece we had to put sulfur 8 in her head due to she had some type of fungus growing in her hair and I told my mom that it sounds like we have fungus growing in our hair with the use of both products. So i dont know wanted to see if anyone else here heard of this or has tried it? I never had any hair loss and never took anything to prevent hair loss either. I stopped putting braids in my hair because I get impatient and will rip the braids out and I can not afford to have hair loss. Well take care
  15. MarshaD
    There are a few youtube videos about using Monistat on the scalp. Apparently it works if you have the fungal issue on your scalp just like it would work anywhere. Getting sleeved in 8 days, hoping I do not lose hair but if I do, oh well! It better come back. I watched MissDivaDimples on youtube and she lost some hair but by her second year out it grew back.
  16. 1hotdiva
    Hello all, I am 8 mos out and I have lost some hair but not an awful lot. But of course I am a slave to the weave...
  17. Jmadyun21
    I am nervous about loosing my hair. I plan to have the surgery within the next two months or so. My hair is going through enough trauma right now. It broke off really bad and is really uneven. It also started to shed. I start taking hairfinity but that made it shed worser and thin my edges a little bit. I'm currently taking biotin with a multi vitamin every night. I'm scared this surgery will completely take off all of my hair and will be very hard to grow back since my body will be in the lack of nutrition stage after surgery. I'm really second guessing this whole thing. All the risks plus hair loss is just too much for me. Any advice anyone?
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