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A little about myself

  1. Sussysue
    Hi everyone

    I'm Sussysue (Susan) and I am 48 yrs old. I'm pre-op, I just received my sleeve date for November 30th YEAH!!

    Hope all is well with everyone

  2. smhagerman
    Hi Susan I am sharon and I am 1 month post op.
  3. jnjsmom03
    I'm Tina, 44 and scheduled for 12/10...whoop whoop!
  4. tecosary
    Hi i'm Teresa my Bday was 10/12 I'm 40 and my present to my self was the surgery I had it on 10/14 follow the Dr. indications and everything will be fine.
  5. kitty
    Hi everyone, I am Kitty and I am 41. I have started my pre-op diet andhave lost 12lbs! Yeah. My surgery date is 11/11 in Mexico! Getting really stoked about it!
  6. kkturnham
    Hi, I'm Kim in Perkins, OK. I am 44 yrs old and had surgery on Aug. 30th. Didn't go so well, but am healing good now and doing much better (hopefully). I started my pre-op diet etc on Aug 5th at 296 lbs. I have lost a total of 42 lbs since that time. : )
  7. Pink Me
    Pink Me
    Hello! My name is Cena and I'm 43. I'm scheduled for 12/9/2011 with Dr. Almanza. So grateful for this forum and all of you. My new best buds!
  8. Dananeel
    Hi, My name is Dana and I am 43. My surgery was on Oct. 26th. I lost 17 lbs. since I started my pre op diet
  9. donewithdieting
    Hi, I'm 49, an RN in a ICU unit. Keeping this surgery quiet-my husband, and NP are the only ones that know. I go to mexico Nov 7th for surgery on the 8th. Clear liquids and Laxatives sounds like I'm staying home today. Oh well more time for lurking on the boards.
  10. deesleeve
    Hi Everyone!
    Im Dee... I am 43 years old, married, mom of three and a RN. I have been overweight ALL my life! I have been debating about getting lap band surgery for some time now but decided that I am going to do the Gastric Sleeve! I am not scheduled until Jan 26th! I am so bummed it is not sooner!! RGH! But I have waited this long whats another two months!!! Good luck to you all!
    ps. can anyone recommend any good protein shakes?? THANKS!
  11. UNIT35
    Hi, My name is Margaret. Im from Ct. Im scheduled for the sleeve on 12/20. Im excited yet anxious too.I'm 48 yo and a 911 dispatcher.
  12. gloeygirl66
    Hello!! My name is Gloria, but everyone calls me Glo. I am almost one year post-op and have lost 106 pounds to date. I am very proud of my success, but know I could have lost more if I would have exercised or eaten better! While my stomach cannot hold the same amount of food, my mind still craves junk food! Be strong ladies!!
  13. sometingood
    Hi all!
    I,m Ashley. I'm 40 and have been overweight since I was 6. Can't wait ( but am also Terrified) v
    For my surgery on Jan. 12, 2012.
    Glad to be part of the group!
  14. nootsiebell
    Hi all, Good for you Glo! I hope I can do that good. I too am a junk food junky and I am very nervous about the eating thing after surgery. I am most concerned about being able to drink all the water. Did anyone add anything to it , like crystal light, to make it taste better? Also, will I be able to drink my coffee? Thanx
  15. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Hola chicas! I am in my mid 40s and hopefully getting sleeved in Feb, to be followed w/ reconstructive surgery as appropriate and affordable. I'm excited but also scared, like a lot of us, it sounds like.
  16. Sonia
    Hello All! I'm Sonia, 40 year old mother of two. Had a failed lap band 2 1/2 years ago and now waiting for insurance approval for VGS revision. It's been difficult to lose weight but I did finally quit smoking cigarettes(cold turkey). Whew!! Thank God I'm still very healthy considering the abuses I've sent my body through. I'm sooo ready. Unfortunatly I have no support. I haven't told any family members, they don't believe in this kind of stuff. They only know I'm removing my lap band. Had a breast reduction due to back issues and I'm VERY happy with it. It's about ME for a little while...
  17. Grace030488
    I found some at Costco with 30gs of protien, I forgot the name but they are 11 ozs, come in a 18 or 24 pk box and are about $25. I've tried a couple of different brands (chocolate) and all taste about the same to me. They're all pretty good.
  18. Lili_L'amour
    Hi everyone,
    I am 45. Wondering if it is too late for surgery. Scared of surgery and feeling old. My body feels old. I hope this surgery helps. Just in a blue mood today. There are so many things that I wanted to do in life, like be a dancer and I was always too big. I might take some adult ballet classes when I am smaller. I fear it will never happen though. I do have a surgery date of June 10th but we haven't verified my insurance. I had to quit smoking and I quit sodas. Oh and I also wanted to ask if anyone knows what I should avoid to reduce stretching out my stomach after surgery. Thanks. - Lili
  19. Lili_L'amour
    I am so glad there are some groups for the over 40s!!!!!!! Love love love it!
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