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Jacksonville area

  1. Debi Lee
    Debi Lee
    I live in Jacksonville and will be having my sleeve surgery on February 13th. My surgeon is Dr. Arun Rao of the Advanced Surgery Group. Please share your surgery date and surgeon and anything else you want to share. We can support each other in the Northeast Florida area!!
  2. Kelli D
    Kelli D
    My surgery is June 7th and I am looking forward to it. I live in Palm Coast which is about 45 minutes south of Jacksonville. My sister does live in Jacksonville.
  3. kmontague
    Hello I am Kim. I'm in Jacksonville, Fl. I'm actually having my surgery in Mexico but looking for someone to follow up with here. My Surgery date is July 8th
  4. healthyandstrong
    I am Karen from the Gainesville area, I had my surgery in Tijuana Mexico with Dr Ortiz, on April 4th 2013.
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