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Gaining during supervised weight loss....intentially! Anyone have to do that to get BMI higher?

  1. anewvue
    So I started my supervise weight loss in December, gained 2 lbs the first month, probably will be up another 5 lbs this months visit as well. I had my bariatic assessment with nutrition and psych 2 weeks ago. During that visit I was at BMI 39.8! So, I am afraid to lose any weight since I am not at 40 and my co-morbids dont qualify. Anyone ever have to pick up a few lbs to get insurance approval? Any insight into how they view people like me who gain and have a higher BMI at the end of the supervised weight loss? I am so afraid I will not get approved. The Bariatic nurse thinks I will be fine...but I am so uncomfortable with her optimism.
  2. Karenricha
    its funny that you mention that - because I was right at 39 - but the first thing I did was actually have them measure my height - with the stick on the scale - I kept saying I was 5'8 - when really I was 5'7 - that brought me right at 40 BMI - but the people at the Dr's office said - weigh in - and then they winked and said - you can weigh in wearing yoga pants - or you can weigh in wearing work boots, jeans and 3 sweatshirts with rolls of quarters in your pockets...we record your weight and we do not ask any questions....
    Just because we are right around the 40 BMI does not mean we are healthy - we have a lot of weight to loose and we also have unwanted weight we have been carrying around for years. So no reason we should be given a hard time. Good Luck
  3. anewvue
    Thanks for this....when I look at my weight and height recordings over the years, I have gone from 5-4 to 5-5. Its amazing how I grow and lose an inch. If you look at the average, I am about 5'4" and 1/4. This is all through out my medical record starting in 2006. My last visit on Friday I was down to 5'4" 1/4 again and up to where my BMI is now 39.9! My MD said she would make sure she writes a compelling recommendation, but Cigna has been known to deny the first time. But I will be submitting all my paperwork next month. Thanks for your well wishes, just got to get through the next 4 weeks!
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