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New Here!

  1. HeatherAmy75
    I'm just starting my journey. I had my consultation with my surgeon and now I'm going through the psych, pulmonary, nutritional clearances. I have no surgery date yet. I'm hoping my PCOS symptoms get better after the surgery and I lose some weight, especially the facial hair! It's nearly impossible for me to get weight off and keep it off so I'm really happy that I'm finally starting my process.
  2. natty
    Welcome! It's a long journey but so worth it
  3. txbluebonnet
    Welcome! I also have PCOS and completely understand your struggles. Best of luck on your ins approval and hope you get your surgery date soon.
  4. VSGOct2011
    For what it's worth, I had ALL of the PCOS symptoms and issues. You name it, I had it - the irregular and extremely heavy periods when I did have them, the belly that looked pregnant even when I wasn't, the unwanted hair, painful cysts...I had my VSG in Oct 2011, and within a month I had regular 28 day cycle starting and it's been clockwork ever since. I'm down 125 lbs total and I've had all of the PCOS symptoms all but disappear. For the PCOS relief alone, VSG was worth every penny I paid, but of course I'm really loving how great I'm feeling all around. You will NOT regret this! Best thing I've done for myself!
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