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Who has had the Mommy Makeover in Mexico after getting Sleeved??

  1. judy79
    What Dr did you use? How much was it? What procedures were done? Dr. Q sidekick is Dr Salazar, although I don't have much information on him yet I am waiting. I started a group hoping some would get on and tell their stories ect. I want this done after sleeve, please tell me where you went and what you paid?

  2. Jade1981
    Me too! I have promised myself a breast lift, tummy tuck and my arms done. VERY interested in others' stories and experiences regarding plastic surgery choices and prices out there! Any info would help
  3. Sharleyann
    Sitting here in Tijuana waiting for the bus to take me off to my surgery. Today I am having my surgery with Dr almenez he has a great staff I am here with a friend so we payed 4500 each otherwise it would have been 4750.... I will let you know how it goes! But met rhe Dr yesterday and he was very kind! Sooo excited! Good luck!
  4. Texas Girl
    Texas Girl
    I too am interested in the responses here! Dr Ortiz's clinic also has the adjoining Ariel Center, but I can't find the same level of feedback about the plastics as the WLS.

    The Ariel Center
  5. leo39
    How much recovery is required for the mommy makeover/body lift? Is it a tougher road than being sleeved? I'm nervous, have to admit, that my husband will be turned off by the excess skin and sagging breasts even more than the weight has affected our marriage. So I'm hoping I can get the cosmetic surgery done when I'm at my goal weight. I'm finding it as tough as the rest of you to find before/after pics from doctors in Mexico and haven't really seen any glowing recommendations for one or another, which makes me nervous.
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