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Considering TJ for sleeve but very wary, any advice?

  1. dbarnes7
    I am going to be a self-pay to have the sleeve procedure. My local (St. Louis) doctor wants $18.000 which is a LOT of money to borrow. I have been researching and reading forums and blogs for days now and all I find is great stories from people that have had this done in TJ.
    My doctors tell me that if I go to Mexico for this that no doctor here will touch me for any followups. This concerns me a lot. What about follow ups? How often do you have to return for anything? What about checking for leakage?
    I'm shooting for a late Jan 2013 time frame.
  2. Itstimeforme
    Before you leave they check you for any leaks, and if you ever have any concerns you can always go to the ER. You will be fine just like the rest of us as lone as you follow the directions they give you. Your pocket will thank you.
  3. Phoenixrise
    Well my concern was similar my Medical Insurance ended a week after i got my surgery. My main concern was not needing follow up care after surgery. I could not afford literally to see a doctor I had to pay for. Luckily for me I do live in San Diego, and Dr.Quinones told me I could come back for a follow up if I needed too. He told me hoped I would because so many people get surgery and he does not see them after he performs the surgery.I HAVE NOT HAD TO SEE HIM because I have not had any problems. I do plan to go see him once I DROPPED ALL MY WEIGHT but nothing has went wrong with my surgery at all. I think your surgeon is also full of it because many people go to Mexico and have follow up with their PCP'S afterward. What can he say "I refuse to treat you because you took your business elsewhere for bariatric surgery" SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT. As far as leakage goes the doctors can perform 1 of 2 test or even do both. I will speak on my doctor he does a dye test, basically they give you this dark purple nasty dye to drink and then they check your drain tube to see if the dye leaks out. To protect his patients from leakages when he does staples our stomach he also sews it as an additional measure. Your surgeon can also do a barium swallow which I am really not familiar with but I believe it is similar to a dye test and they use an X-ray to see for leakage, don't quote me on this. Hope that helps.
  4. connielsmith
    I went to TJ for my sleeve. I called Kaiser and was told they have to treat you here. I went and had a wonderful experience. Came back and went to my doctor here. He was very happy for me and is running needed blood work as needed. Which is every three months. I have had no problems.....
  5. lisa72012
    My doctoor saw mw the day after I got back and see's me anytime I have issues related to my surgery. Iv had to get heart burn neds but no major issues an she said they did a great job! They do a leak test before you return home and you never have to go back to mexico for follow ups.
  6. businessgirl
    I'm going toTJ om Monday to have my surgery so I will take my iPad and keep you all updated
  7. Enfury8me
    I just came back from TJ and having my sleeve and today I went to my doctor here and he took out my stitches. He asked me if I have been getting in my proteins and my fluids. I told him I try my best. He told me to just keep following the instructions that Dr. Quinones gave me and if I need anything to come see him.
  8. Dyanne4293
    I went to TJ for my surgery July 17. I had my leak test before I left and all was well. I had a nurse friend take out my stitches at 2 weeks post op. I've had no problems and have not seen a doctor since my surgery. However, if I needed a doctor, i would probably go to one of our local walk-in clinics.
  9. AngelNP
    I am going to TJ, Mexico (surgery 12/07) and my PCP is fully aware. She gives me blessings and knows how hard I have struggled with weight loss over the years! You will be fine in Mexico. My sister was sleeved in August 2012...doing awesome, looks awesome, and off her antihypertension med!
  10. Kim247
    I went to Dr. Garcia in TJ. He and his staff were fabulous. I still keep in contact with the coordinators at Alighterme with questions and have no problem getting ahold of Dr. Garcia or his office if I need something. Go for it! It's nervewracking but SO worth it! I was sleeved on 9/24/12 and am doing great!
  11. Phranquie
    I went to TJ for my VSG as well and had a good experience with Dr. Almanza. The medical care was good and the staff attentive. I had the barium swallow test two days after surgery at an imaging center, no leaks, no problems. I have not had any issues since my return almost 3 months ago. I had my doc remove the stitches a week after I got home. If for some reason I need to see a bariatric doc in the future there are plenty in my area who will treat me.
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