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How long do I have to use chewable multivitamins? I am 6 months out from surgery and am about out of them. I hate the taste of them and am ready for the regular swallow kind. When did the rest of you switch? I don't have an appointment with my Dr. for another few weeks and I need to buy some soon.

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  1. Anissa Christine's Avatar
    Since I had the surgery 6 months ago I have taken a Fred Flintstone chewable vitamin daily (and it's the ONLY vitamin I take). I plan to take them indefinitely. The taste doesn't bother me at all.
  2. MG0492's Avatar
    I take Flintstones Complete with added vitamin D gummies and they are great.
  3. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    i was taking chewables till i seen a post in my baratric doctors office saying not to because they aren't absorded as well as the others..so im split
  4. dgoerlitz's Avatar
    I only had to do the children's chewables for the first 30 days. I am now on an adult women's vitamin twice daily. One A Day makes what they call a Petite. It's not that small, but it's not a giant horse pill either. There are also a lot of chewable adult vitamins on the market now that might work well for you.
  5. Sleeve12's Avatar
    I'm taking some Centrum ones that look and taste like Skittles. Tastes like I'm eating candy. They are red, blue and purple!
  6. ACE's Avatar
    I was only on them only until I was eating normal foods once I could swallow them they said to stop the chewables.
  7. BethJane's Avatar
    Good info everyone....my gummies are not very potent, and my liquid is nasty, so looking forward to the real deal soon.
  8. Lucy61's Avatar
    The gummies didn't have enough vitimans. I started Costco multi at 8 weeks out, I break them in 1/2 and have not had any problems (I also always take them when I am eating breakfast, so the stomach acids are working over time to process the food, and the viti's get processed too)
  9. chillinlikejello's Avatar
    I was taking chewables but after my surgery I couldn't stand the taste of them, they were too sweet. I started taking a capsule 3x a day about 3 weeks out from surgery and I haven't had any problems swallowing them. I use Celebrate brand vitamins.
  10. Readysetgo!'s Avatar
    When I had my three month check they said I could take whole pills,just not a handfull at a time. Lol
  11. cap9594's Avatar
    I never did chewables....even in the hospital I took a tylenol caplet....and once home, two multis in tablet form, as well as a biotin capsule....just one at a time though! Itake in the mornings, and I find that I have to take with a protein drink to kind of coat the stomach a bit. One time I tried to take on empty stomach with just water.....not good