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Last Supper Syndrome

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Has anyone experienced something like this before getting sleeved? I can't seem to get myself away from thinking that I had better chow down on all of my favorite goodies now because I won't be able to after surgery!!! I haven't gained any weight from doing this, but if I were to check my cholesterol level right now I am afraid of what the number would be!! LOL In all seriousness, HOW DO I STOP THIS???? It is making me crazy! Thanks!

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  1. Jeni Cerone's Avatar
    Im going through it right now.. and my surgery is in Feb. (grins.. so you can imagine my list of things to eat before the final day) I've done better the last few days just by reading posts, truly an inspiration. And I tell myself the healthier I am when I go into to surgery the healthier I will be coming out. Hang in there and always remember your favorite goodies will always be around. Everything in moderation.
  2. jesslovesharry's Avatar
    Me too! I had a mega food funureal before I started the pre op diet. I ate everything I could possibly imagine I would miss. I havent really been following the pre op diet strictly ( I am a low BMI so I dont have to do the pre op diet, but choose to follow it), just being good about what I eat. Today I had a little tiny piece of baguette with my healthy tomato soup. How do we stop this? I guess just by saying BYE BYE FAT, HELLO HEALTH!

    What day is your surgery? Iam on wednesday! I cant wait!!!!!!
  3. Joanne1958's Avatar
    HAHA I ate all my favorites like I would never be able to eat it again!!
    You maybe can stop it by realizing you can eat everything after your surgery
    just not the big serving! Enjoy and don't worry!!!
  4. nikki_g's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I am glad to know I am not the only one who felt like this! I don't have a surgery date yet because I am still doing my preop testing, nutrition classes, etc, but I hope to be scheduled in April. My insurance requires 6 months of nutrition classes and March will be my 6th!!
  5. kambasha's Avatar
    Honestly, I think we all were like that before surgery. Eventually u will do what u need to do.
  6. itchycat55's Avatar
    It happens to the best of us! I had it and gained about 15 lbs before the pre-op! But there were a lot of friend foods in there that I really aren't going to be able to eat again, so maybe it was semi-justified! LOL
  7. LadyA's Avatar
    I had it. The funny thing is I have never been one to eat a bunch of junk like snacks. I don't really buy them however I was at quik trip daily buying muffins, donuts, eating candy you name it. Then a month before surgery and I got on the scale and saw how much I had to lose in a month to be able to have surgery and I snapped back into reality quick. I figured I started Jan 2012 my surgery was Aug 2012 I had been waiting on being at my job a year to use my fmla. It would have been a waste of time to go through a nine month process to get to the surgery date and be too heavy to have surgery. I did a month long liquid diet and lost the 30lbs I needed to lose. I gained 10lbs on my last supper diet.
  8. OOOWEEBABY!'s Avatar
    When it came to my last supper, I thought about all kinds of things to eat. When it came right down to it, a little voice in me (maybe it was skinny me hidden in there somewhere) asked why I wanted to sabotage myself like that? I did have a last supper, but I compromised by making healther choices and not over eating. I didn't set myself back, and nothing is worse to me than the aftertaste of guilt.

    Don't worry! You will be able to eat goodies (baddies?) again. Just in smaller proportions. I would be a liar if I told you that I did not salt Christmas cookies! Instead of a three or or four, I would take one. Then, I might eat half and be too full to eat more. Crazy, huh?! This will really satisfy you!

    I have been sleeved for 5 months now. I have lost 82 pounds so far. For you people starting out, I know this seems like a fantasy. It will happen to you. Keep a good attitude, be patient with yourself as you would a new baby learning to eat. Sometimes it is hard. It gets easier with time and learning. Be good to yourself. Be prepared to completely amaze yourself!

    Best Wishes,

    OOOWEEBABY! aka Patty
  9. heytharr's Avatar
    Me too! Can't help myself T__T