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Best decision ever

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I have always struggled with my weight starting as a child. Never was totally obese as in over 300 pounds but for me 180 was bad enough.
Did my research in April of 2012 and had the sleeve on June 28th.

Couldn't be more thrilled with my new size 1 jeans !!!

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  1. DomiJ's Avatar
  2. LaffeyTaffey's Avatar
    Great job! It's good that you had the surgery at a lower weight, because from what I've read, those with much higher weights (myself included) have a lot of health problems later on in life. Keep up the good work and enjoy a long healthy life!
  3. Rancescafay's Avatar
    I wish I had mine done at 180
  4. sweigman34's Avatar
    you went to a size 1 from 180? wow..how long did that take? i hope i am that successful!
  5. azladyrider's Avatar
    Sweigman - I had my sleeve on June 28th. I got into the 1's at the 5 month mark
  6. Melody2012's Avatar
    What did u eat in ur first month? Second month and so forth to lose so much. Im 9 days post op lost 20 pounds so far now weighing 185. Started at 205.
  7. azladyrider's Avatar
    I ate ramen noodles my first nite home - mushed but still.... protein shakes YUK - I stopped those after 2 weeks. Yogurt, chicken and beef broth, mashed potatoes, refried beans with salsa and low fat cheese. Pretty much ate what I wanted but of course not much of it. I now eat ANYTHING I want, turkey, hamburger (not much of that though) cereal for breakfast or biscuits and gravy, hash browns (crisp with very little oil), yesterday I had the biscuits and gravy then I had a bowl of shrimp on crackers, then for dinner I had lasagna, for a snack I had peaches. I don't watch my carbs or fat too much anymore. If one thing is going to be my whole 40 grams of carbs for the day I pass on it. But I will eat a little more closer to 60 grams of carbs now. Rice, butter - pork - lots of chicken - I just made mini hamburgers stuffed with cheese and corn on the cob for my dinner. I also cooked for my lunches this week ahead of time as usual and I made shredded chicken with salsa and mashed potatoes with corn. A little tupperware thing of shrimp and some peaches will hold me throughout the day over 6 hours with my clients.

    Good luck. I stalled a few times then BAM I just started losing again. Last week I hit 99 pounds which I wasn't trying to so I am slowly back up to 102 today and want to get back to at least 105 or so.