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It's been a while.. 46 lbs down

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Well its been while since my last post and a rough 3 months but the 23rd was my 3 month surgiversary and I have had too many ups and downs surgery-wise to count! I am finally down 46 lbs and am excited! (just 4 more to go for 50 lbs)!!!! It seems like its taken forever and a day and it seems like I should be losing faster. I would think this is a normal rate to lose for someone on a strict diet. But then again maybe not. Im not sure. All i know is I wish I could lose more faster without having to do anymore than I already do (***fantasy world***) truth is I know that it takes hard work and time so i will be patient and work hard. It seems like Im going thru alot of plateaus so I stopped keeping track of my weight and the next thing I knew I was at 46 lbs down! HOW EXCITING!!! Im not to far from ONDERLAND EITHER!!!

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  1. patchwork's Avatar
    Fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  2. JulieJ's Avatar
    46 pounds in 3 months is Wonderful!! Way to go! Keep up the good work!
  3. Ms.lovely65's Avatar
    That's great!
  4. mila's Avatar
    Actually you are losing above average. That is marvelous weight loss! Almost to -50 is a huge thing! 50 lbs is such a milestone. Congrats on an excellent job!
  5. Readysetgo!'s Avatar
    You are doing great! Keep up the great work! Soon you'll be in onederland!
  6. ezell29's Avatar
    Hello Natalie
    I think your doing great I had my surhery 3 days before you and we have lost about the same amount and when I have my 3 month check up the said I was lossing weight at a fast rate that most people go a little slower. So just keep up the good work. I know for me I need to started working out more but hell I'm a work in progress so I'm taking baby steps.