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No pain no gain

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So,after i went to the doctor this morning,i called up my boyfriend that i was just low in sugar well i lied a bit... i didnt want him to worry about me coz he was out of town for a business meeting. I was weak coz low in sugar and i wasnt sipping enough nutrients and im taking low protein and my calorie intake is low...so the doc told me about sipping in between since i cant finish my meals...im feeling okay...the doc gave me a med for my liver coz my liver size is bigger than normal...

While i was talking to my boyfriend over the phone,he told me something about that time he was courting me,when i always told him that i am fat and why he likes me? And those times when people are laughing at me being with him. And how hard it is for him when im always in my room hiding from people...it was hard for him,now that im having a surgery where i can be fit and healthy i complain and it hurts him seeing me crying...and he said "no pain no gain" and it will pass...and that i have to give it more time when it heals ill be okay and be healthy...and he assured me thAt he will never leave me...

My mum on the other hand,she's still the sweetest ever supportive mom....and i thank her for all the support....

This is my journey to a new life...a new me...a healthy me...

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  1. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Sounds like you're having more of a positive outlook which is sooo important to the recovery and success of this life-changing surgery and journey. Keep the faith and know it really does get better. Try to sip the liquids, drink some protein and just wait, soon you'll be on some soft foods and when you see he weight coming off; you'll be thrilled.